Do amoebas have souls?

It is a pretty safe assumption (if not bloody obvious) to state that all organic life in the known universe contains an energy footprint, no matter how big or how small the life form is. The amount energy of course is relative, but it is human nature to assume that our energy footprint is bigger, better and more important than others as we are the most advanced intelligence (besides recipients of the annual Darwin awards).

A key consideration into whether amoebas have souls is for me the link between energy and soul. When a life form dies, the energy it contains simply cannot cease to exist. Once the physical being ceases to function, the energy within has to go somewhere, be recycled.

On a metaphysical level and taking mankind as an example, spiritualists believe that we consist of matter (Materialism) and spirit (Spiritualism), and that when we speak of energy in the consideration above, spiritualists see energy as the spirit.

Some spiritualists believe that the spirit is an exclusive human attribute that bestows personality, accountability and consciousness, as they perceive that only we have the capacity and longing to question our existence and origins. With that in mind, all life forms other than mankind have a sole existence (not a soul existence) and consist of matter and energy, not matter and spirit.

Other spiritualist camps believe that all living things have souls and that is why they exist in the first place, but that souls may not work the same in all species. For example, there could be ‘school of amoebas’ in an ocean, but that all of them are part of a collective soul, not having one soul each the way we do.

There has been nothing in the way of hard proof to confirm or deny the existence of the human soul (will there ever be). The ‘pro-soul’ debaters state NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), the outputs of séances, medium readings via various mechanisms (tarot, palm reading etc) and countless recordings paranormal activities as proof of the soul existing in another plane of existence.

I have gone through somewhat of a transition of the years since childhood from Atheism to Agnosticism, and that is down to what you could call proof. This isn’t dead certain (pardon the pun) proof as my experiences, which will follow in later blogs, have not converted me to religion or spiritualism just opened my mind on a journey into the unknown on a search for some answers…

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