It’s a long way to be a Spartan, it’s a long way to go…

Somewhat inspired by the blog site of The Urban Spartan (check it out), I have decided to keep a diary of my training in the lead up to my first  (of many hopefully) Spartan Race.

In terms of shape and physical fitness I feel good. I did the 3 Peaks Challenge 2 weekends ago (ascent and descent of The highest mountain in Wales, England and Scotland) in an adjusted time of 24 hours and 2 minutes. I did a fair bit of training on Mofo as we now call it (Moel Famau in North Wales) but they key thing was knocking the ale on the head.

With the exception of my birthday and weekend in Leeds with the missus, I haven’t had more than 3 beers in a single night for over 6 months, with 80% of days being alcohol free. Not that I ever had a drink problem (well as much as the next bloke) but my body feels a lot cleaner for it and I feel more focussed in work. All round, as long as you have the personality and don’t need to get a bit potted to bring out the real you, then best to leave it well alone.

So yesterday, 2 bowls of bran, chicken pasta for dinner. That was it, besides 2 packets of salt n vinegar Discos watching Alien with the eldest. Woke up this morning with a hangover feeling, in my mind down to the salt intake before bed. Mouth feels like crap as well, to quote Withnail ‘my tongue looks like it’s wearing a yellow sock’…

So then, today I’m off to watch my eldest take part in his second MMA tournament in front of the former world champion; and later will start my Spartan training program as it is 3 months to the day before the race. I am also restarting the Bronson Challenge (adding 10 press up each day to the previous days total).


5km run
50 back extensions
50 sit ups
100 press ups

Thats then plan anyway, just have to sate the nagging wife in the middle…

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