It’s the end of the world as we know it…

So according to some crazed loons, 2012 (aka the dawning of the Age of Aquarius) brings this chapter of earth to a close if we are to believe in certain Mayan prophecies, Hollywoods finest E.L.E films or the crashing into earth of Planet X (not the old punk club in Liverpool).

I don’t believe too much (actually at all) in prediction or superstition, and very much live life in the fast lane these days (just in case – hedging my bets). If the 4 Horsemen (not Metallica – that would be awesome) came knocking at my door any time soon, at least I could truly sing with ‘My Way’ with venom and sincerity (if not a little self righteous).

So what will 2012 actually bring for me. Well for me, more challenges. It may sound cheesy and a bit Forrest Gump-esque (that is one of my nick names after all) but for me “life is like a football pitch without goals – pointless in the end”. There are several things I have in store for this year:

  • Work: Get that promotion I think I richly deserve.
  • Life: Compete and finish all Spartan distances (with the exception of the Death Race).
  • Balance: Spend more quality time with the kids.

I have had a lot to be proud of late. Raising my game and profile in work and getting to travel to some great places and meet some incredible people (in Poland, Philippines and Malaysia). Securing my place and performing well obviously makes me more confident in what I do and as a result a lot more adventurous, which does allow me to feel comfortable about travelling which has a knock on effect in terms of terms and conditions and raising the standard of living for the family unit as a whole. I also took part in my first Spartan Race which I adored, completed the national 3 Peaks Challenge in 24h02m raising £1100 for the NSPCC, ran a 10K in Manila in aid of a literacy charity in the Philippines.

The kids are doing just great as well. Jamie is doing good in school (with the exception of Spanish – kind of ironic really as it is still the most travelled to place Brits go to and I have still never been there) and having just passed his black belt in Taekwondo. Luke is progressing well in drama and performed recently at St Georges Hall in Liverpool, as well as securing a slot at the Liverpool Empire later this year. He has also tried his hardest to get into grammar school by cramming for his 11+, results expected in March. Keira is still only 4, but loves her weekly ballet lessons and has her first event in March which I will sadly miss being in Cape Town. And the wife has her own personal challenges as well, the best of all agreeing to do a Spartan Race with me and Jamie later in the year. 

I know that for some, 2011 was a horrendous year, but looking back I think it was probably one of the best I’ve had to date in terms of levels of personal achievement and pride gained from the kids.

I hope that I have offered some wise words of wisdom to some this year and hope they continue on their own personal voyage of rediscovery and keep on the right path.

And finally, my goal is to blog at least once a week. Let’s see how long that lasts 😀

2 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it…

  1. Finnaly!!! Been waiting for a blog entry, wanted to know what it felt like during your runs, what you thought about ect…some great achievements in 2011 and some more adventures ahead in 2012. Greatest is your profession!!!!!!! Arrooooooo!!!!!


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