Reiki Diary: Day 2

Didn’t dream much last night (with the exception of driving a HGV in America with my cousin Ian and having issues at a toll booth), must have been quite tired after yoga and reiki. Don’t actually remember waking up, although I may have turned over into my usual foetal position.

Tinnitus feels a little better today. Weighed myself and happy with the results. Going all paleo for the next 2 days because I can, being in London. Must drink lots of water and stay away from caffeine and alcohol, although I am on the First Class carriage tomorrow which may well prove to be too difficult to resist!

“L” sent me a message last night saying I need to chill out with the reiki and have fun with it. The wife also said she had also been in touch with her and told her that I had a ‘new toy’ and my usual intensity had kicked. She is of course totally right, and I think I need to calm it down a little bit. The trying too hard routine is making the waves of energy I think. May well get better overall results if I don’t try as hard.

Gonna try put my ‘new toy’ into practice today at work. No more negativity, if there is something I don’t know or I’ve not done the best at, I’ll see it as an opportunity for learning from others. Need to keep “L”s positive levels up as well.

Saw “L” out of the corner of my eye at New Brighton station but opted not to let on for some reason and get on the train instead. Not sure whether if was because she was with the others on the balcony last night. I think if there is an opportunity for negativity I should stay away from it, bearing in mind that when I have to, I deal with it in the right way.

Saw “L” ahead of me in the escalator so had a chat with her and asked her how her mum was. Impossible to know what has been said to her, but that doesn’t or shouldn’t really concern me. If someone has a perception of you via a third party and they think less of you without knowing the full story or even asking for your side of it, then that’s a relationship that’s destined to be civilities only. And that’s the trick. The wive is very good at pulling the lever and turning that emotion off. I need to learn how to do that.

Just seen “P” a Jehovahs Witness guy I used to work with at the CSA going to the ATM at Lime Street. Looks like he’s not on my train though. He was a nice guy, last time we met was at The Move festival in Manchester to see Morrissey. He was with a stunning girl. At the time I thought at the time he was punching well above his weight, but I don’t think like that anymore. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say.

I’ll always remember the time I went back to the office after drinking 6 pints of Stella with “M” at lunch time, and sat at my desk singing ‘Dismal, Dismal give us a wave’ Dismal a direct replacement for his surname “D”, then tried to climb on top of an 8ft high filing cabinet cutting my arm in the process. He suggested to me that I should go home and said nothing to the boss. Instant dismissal at an oil and gas major. I have “P” to thank for that as he could have rightly had be up on a warning.

I think it was soon after that I resigned my post at the union as I was becoming more stressed by the whole thing.

Just sent the wife a morning text. Miss her already. Zoned out for a bit and sent her some good vibes (distance reiki!), let’s hope it works its magic on her sore throat.

Nice breakfast today. Bare Earth Biltong from Morrisons, water, banana and an apple. Biltong translates as strips of buttocks. Sure does taste good though. Different from Wild West. Looks like proper slices of beef and its cheaper too.

Just looked through all of my photos on my phone, all recalled the happy times we had in Florida last year. Really was a great trip with many fond memories. Came across the favourite picture I’ve ever taken (of the clouds and cairns atop Ben Nevis) and set it as my lock screen, and remembered that Laura said she saw an image of a (cold) mountain when she did my atunement. Maybe that, as there was snow on the top as we made our way to the summit. Think I’d like to do the 3 Peaks again one day.

Ate lunch with “L” at Crush (salad, chicken, kelp and nuts). And once again another mad coincidence. Got chatting to the girl at the till and started talking about Mexican beer bottles and the real reason why the put a lime in the top, and she serves me my munchies and Diet Zero on a silver plate. I had randomly picked up a bottle with the name “L” on the back. Getting a bit freaky now!

Ate Paleo food all day and all night (with the exception of raspberry tarte at Jamie Oliver’s tonight) and felt good about it. Feeling pretty tired now so not going to do yoga or reiki tonight. Plan to get up real early in the morning and do some before my big meeting tomorrow to put me in the right place.

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