Reiki Diary: Day 4

So in answer to my question from yesterday regarding do we dream when in light sleep or deep sleep, my quest has come to an end so it seems.

According to the wife, I was tossing and turning last night (most likely because of the heat), and I recall although they all escape me just now, having a sleep full of vision snippets, so it looks like the lighter you sleep the more you dream.

As part of the 30 day soul cleansing and detoxification process, we were all advised to drink lots of water and I’ve been doing that in abundance, whilst limiting the amount of alcohol, caffeine and carbs, which has resulted in a weight drop this morning to 81.5kg, which I think is the lowest weight I’ve been for 20+ years. I’m almost at my target weight of 79.99kg, not far to go now.

My reiki today consisted of the wife pleading me to take away the nasty flu / cold sinus problems she has right now (not that anything physical can be changed with energy). She did it standing up for some reason, so I did my thing and after a while she started to sway a little and zone out. Did it help? Probably not. Was there a connection, almost definitely.

Had a vision pop into my head during a meeting of my time on Ben Nevis again and decided to change the wallpaper on my laptop so it’s in sync with my phone now. It was a magical place up there, and I’ll always have a connection with that place. Got me thinking about ley lines and the story “L” mentioned on Sunday as I walked the dog down the beach at Harrison Drive, all within sight of that very spot on Bidston Hill. When I got back, I did some quick googling of and could not find any lines that dissect the Wirral. There is a main line which goes from Scotland down the west coast of England through Glastonbury, and once that crosses through Glastonbury and heads through middle England to Avesbury. Will try again tomorrow.

Watched the first episode of Wonders of the Universe by Prof Brian Cox to try and get some insights into the start and end of the Universe from a scientific perspective. Only watched episode one, but it’s pretty darned good. This is what I gleaned from it:

“Why are we here. Where do we come from. These are the most enduring of questions, and it is an essential part of human nature to want to find the answers. Our story starts with the beginning of the universe. It began 13.7 billion years ago, and today its filled with over a 100 billion galaxies with over a 100 billion stars in each.

Woven into the very fabric of the cosmos is the flow of time, and the fate of the universe is determined by the passage of time. The most profound property of time is that nothing ever lasts forever (so says the scientist, not spiritualist).

Time is the ordering of events, one event after another. Events are never jumbled up, never going backwards.

The arrow of time. We are compelled to travel in to the future. Once change happens, it is never undone. The life of the universe is like our own. Everything is irreversibly changing. The arrow of time drives the evolution of the entire universe. The future is always different to the past.

It’s not simply permanent change that is central for the arrow of time, its decay. The second law of Thermodynamics, proves that time only runs in one direction. Entropy. Order to disorder, there is a difference between the past and the future.

The structured universe cannot last forever. The cosmos will eventually fade and die. The end of the second age will bring the end to light. Red dwarf stars will be the last living things in the universe, which will then the white dwarves, turning black dwarves, little more than ashes. But eventually the matter in black dwarves will decay and be carried off into the void as radiation, leaving absolutely nothing behind. Not a single atom left. All that will remain will be some particles of light and black holes. Eventually after an inordinate amount of time, the black holes will evaporate and all that will remain is a sea of cooling photons until they reach absolute zero , where everything stops and the universe finally comes to an end. Low Entropy. Heat death of the universe. Things no longer change, the arrow of time simply ceases to exist.

The arrow of time and chaos from disorder gives the chance of life, with certain conditions, which is why our physical forms exists today. So what of the spirit. That’s my next question but for tomorrow.

Just realised my hair is starting to resemble Prof Brian Cox, which is quite cool…

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