Reiki Diary: Day 6

I was the recipient of reiki last night, and not the practitioner. “L” had give me a CD last week (which I loaded into iTunes on the various devices we have) which has a single track on it that last about forty minutes, which gives the practitioner a walkthrough of each hand position so they get used to placing or hovering hands over the correct chakra points. There is a meditation type track which runs a background constant throughout, but just as during atunement 2 last week, the spoken word in these things meant that I could not really get into the deep-zone. Indian or Native American really does it for me and allows me to drift off to places of stillness and utter peace. The Void…

The session itself was just nice really, a general feeling of well being and warmth, my very own Mrs Miyage. However, the wife stated that the experience left her feeling a little nauseas, especially when on the heart chakra point, her pulse racing and her legs feeling heavy. I recall “L” last week stating the importance of grounding before starting reiki and I don’t recall the wife doing that part yet. She needs to start doing that for sure.

After she had finished, she went straight to sleep and left her phone playing the practitioner tutorial on loop, and at about 3am, I reached over and turned it off. I don’t remember dreaming about anything, but I felt good and at peace, I guess my subconscious was listening in all along.

In the morning the wife said that she was going to give reiki a miss for the weekend as she was unwell with the flu and last nights session was a little draining. “L” did say that reiki is not just a one way street like a traditional massage is, it’s a connection, an energy flow between two people both one way and the other, so when the practitioner feels something in certain areas, then it could be a sign for them rather than the other way around. I need to start reading in to the chakras this week. “L” gave us all a wallet with some printed materials on last Sunday, I will start to wade through them when I have the time this week.

Wading though the plethora of Facebook status updates (as is her and most of Christendom’s pre-get-out-of-bed-ritual), the wife came across an image of a several feet, and depending on your foot shape, allegedly you can trace your ancient linage from the chart. Sadly her feet were not on there (not any scale known to man – Atlantis was not on there either), but I was interested to note that my feet are of Greek heritage according to the chart, so it was only right that as a former Spartan, I got my runners on and went for a 5km run down on the beach.

The idylls of a 7am run on a Saturday morning. With the sun starting its ascent and only the odd car passing by to disturb the peace, there is nothing more satisfying than easing yourself into the weekend with sweat and sea breeze. One thing of note in modern society (especially in London but the same in most urbanised areas) is the fact there we are a nation of zombies at times. 7am strolls or runs down on the beach really does breakdown the invisible communication barrier that exists between fellow man at times. 7am is that time where joggers, bikers and ramblers occupy the pavements and promenades, and acknowledge the existence of life at every opportunity. That all changes as the morning progresses and by 9am we once again revert to 6 foot remedial sloths. Still it is pleasant whilst it lasts, even if it is oh so brief.

So after shower and breakfast (still weighing it at 81.5kg which is always a result after the gravitational pull of the fridge/larder on Friday nights), its swimming lessons time with “K”, so off we trooped leaving Nicky to chill (if that’s possible in this heat) as 45 mins at indoor poolside is not an ideal environment for a lurgy sufferer. Whilst there I bumped into “M” who I met recently at the ‘An evening with Ramsey Campbell’. Mark seems like a really nice chap. I had previously thought that he was an admirer of the dark arts as he has turned up at the pool before today in an Old Corpse Road t-shirt (black metal band from the UK) as well as a Miskatonic Univesity hoodie during the Spring.

We got chatting and he introduced me to his chum and eclectic confidante “D”, who was as I was to find out the same age as me and went to the likes of Planet X to witness the likes of Carcass, Electro Hippies, Napalm Death, ENT and Doom. After swapping musical pleasantries for a while, “M” asked me if I would review some of his short stories which I duly obliged to do, a good way of seeing how other people write, especially the novice (although I gather he’s been doing this for quite some time so it may well turn out that the stuff he sends me is far superior than the initial framework I have pulled together for my would-be novel).

On a negative point, I was quite disappointed in myself when chatting to “M”, in discussing ‘An evening with’. We got to talking with a guy on the night in his 20’s and my ‘clearly quite mental’ description of him to “M” was left ringing in my ears for a while later when “M” declared and rightly so, that he most likely had Asbergers or something similar. Quite shameful really, even if the intent wasn’t there. It does go to show that the law attraction really is in force in pretty much everything we do. One negative comment can have quite a profound effect on one’s psyche for a time, and I felt guilty throughout the day for bringing it up.

And as a reminder to that statement, “K” and I went down to Home Bargains and Morrisons to hunt for some birthday treats for “M” (doing rather well with One Direction lollipops, some ‘hippy sticks’ and selection pack of real ale, together with a card which blows all ZippleGangers and RuddoGangers out of the water, and saw “M” again for the second time across the road with his youngling.

After getting back home, we waited quite some time for my good friend “R” to arrive from Nottingham. We had found out that the M6 was closed in both directions in Staffordshire due to a fatality, so he’d had to snake around the back roads of Cheshire instead. When he did arrive there was an ice cold Mojito waiting for him, so once again his world was a good place to be.

As we ate dinner in the garden, we talked a while and I recalled the conversation we had at the Download festival recently, in that in terms of inner peace and happiness, it is all too evident that what we do for a living has a profound effect on our well being. I recall having to leave the civil service much in the same way “R” left teaching last year. Deeply unhappy, I decided to take a leap of faith and go contracting, although offering as it where no security whatsoever, I felt at the time I was at the bottom of the DWP rabbit hole with no visible means of escape. As it turns out, that bold move was to change my life forever and led me to the path I now found myself on (albeit after several serious pot hole escapes, including the Harry Houdini / Marianne Trench escape of 2012 which I’m in no doubt this blog will reveal before the sunsets on the thirtieth day).

As a yet further reminder to that statement from earlier, the wife and I bumped into “M” again for the third time in the day at the Floral Pavilion, unbeknownst to me, he also has a daughter who attends WAPA (Wirral Academy of Performing Arts), doing her first stage performance. We settled into our seats to watch “L” tread the boards again, this time however it was just singing and dancing, as the senior drama was two weeks ago, one of his proudest ‘moments of truth’ to date. The arena was unbearably hot, but all of the kids (including the pee-wees) kept us entertained in Act One with some popular hits of today (including Thrift, much to the amusement of Mr “P” when I told him), as well as some songs from Les Miserables (much to my mild annoyance, not with the kids on stage, but with the ‘young father’ behind me, who had decided to join in as an impromptu addition to the wind section by whistling and humming rather loudly through each). During “L”s slot, he impressed us no end with his street dancing, not sure where he got the talent for that. I looked over to the wife who responded with a ‘need that DNA test now?’

Act Two was far too long (over ninety minutes) in the searing heat and “L” did not even take part. By this time, it’s fair to say I was clock watching as I had a ‘date with mates’ waiting for me in The Swinging Arm’ for “M”s birthday celebrations. After the show had finished, it was awards time, and in all reality, “L” was definitely not going to win an award for singing and probably not for dancing either (just yet). We waited in anticipation for the director to make a referral to him as he had won the most prestigious of awards 2 weeks ago, namely the WAPA Young Actor of the Year 2013. To our utter disgust, she mentioned many of the seniors who did well on that day and left his name out completely.

After we collected him afterwards, he was visibly upset. He was not expecting an award on the night. He was expecting at least an acknowledgement of his personal achievement, at least a word of well done. He said in that instant that he wanted to leave. It’s clear the director favour two out of the 5 centres she runs on the Wirral, it doesn’t take a genius to see that based on the song and scene selection distribution.

The main reason why we so proud of him two weeks ago was that the award was not selected by director herself, but instead it was selected by an independent (David Hellor), who himself has directed four Hollywood films over the last few years, his most recent effort with Stephen Dorff tabled for 2014 release (he of Blade / Immortals / Zoolander / Backbeat fame). This award was not presented out of favouritism, but out of talent (as all things in life should be). A later check on IMDB on Stephen Dorff revealed that he was in a rather strangely title film in 1999. Oh yeah, the name of the film, that would be Entropy of course…

To our surprise, “L” revealed that David would be directing the drama arm next year (I guess as he has now returned to the UK from LA following the birth of his child, he is keeping his arm in with local projects as it were). As a result, we did our best to convince young “L” not to get upset with her antics, advising if she wants to retain her favourites, then that’s just the way she is. I did offer to intervene, but he rather gracefully and nobly declined. I did state that if David thinks that he has a talent (via his own star pupil selection 2013) and is doing drama next year, then “L” may be best to stick it out another year at WAPA. As a back up, I promised “L” that I would look into the logistics and costs for LIPA (Liverpool Academy of Performing Arts), as there have been many students from there who have gone on to do great things. That institute also has more of a global reach than WAPA, as you would expect with Sir Paul McCartney being the main patron / sponsor. I advised “L” that I would endeavour to research LIPA in the week to come, and said to him that this may be a sign and that things may just happen for a reason, and maybe he is bigger and / or better than WAPA, to whit he responded ‘Are you being a hippy again dad?’

Finally at 11.14pm I got to The Swinging Arm to meet up with my rowdy rabble or rebels, who were not in such a bad state considering they had been at the beers since 6pm. After a beer or two, we headed on over to the Revolver, which was quite quiet for a Saturday evening, but was good as everyone there was in high spirits (with the exception all the pool players having to pit themselves against “N” and I who retired undefeated as ‘Prince of the Planet Potters’, leaving the green stuff 6 – 0 (LOVE), a rather fitting tribute to the heroics Andy Murray last weekend.

On departing, the birthday boy pulled me aside and said that as predicted, we didn’t get the chance to have ‘that talk’, that talk referring to topics and conversations relating to the contents of this very diary blog. I said that if I could manage to squeeze in an hour or so, I would try to get out to see him this week after work and have a Diet Coke down at The Tap.

So it was a day bereft of yoga and reiki, yet days like today, if one has a deeper analysis of what most would see as just a normal Saturday, one can reflect still on the law of attraction and how it operates. It surrounds us. It penetrates. It also counteracts Newtons’ theory somewhat though (although to be fair to him that law was apropos motion), in that he stated that every action has a positive and negative reaction. If one does something in the positive extreme, there is not necessarily a down side, a negative. As long as we operate in that space as much as we can, the mind will stay focused, and we will find peace.

As I was drifting off into blackness, I had an itch just below my rib cage, dead centre, and was reminded yet again that forces are at work, even if only inside my head. It is a family curse (of sorts) that members of our stock are prone to getting ‘superficial subcutaneous lipomas’ (benign tumours composed of adipose tissue – or body fat). I have several of these blighters around my person as well as a scar from one rather unsightly one I had removed last year. The reason why this moment of semi-drunken enlightenment came to me was because of its exact location. Geographically, it is dead centre of, right in the middle of, the solar plexus, the exact same chakra point that the wife and I had agreed only 24 hours earlier to be the design of our next tattoos…

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