Reiki Diary: Day 8

As dreams go, dreaming that one of your cousins develops a German accent, dresses as some sort of Gestapo leader, and dictates what goes on in the world we live in, all from within the four walls of your parents home, is certainly one of the stranger ones I’ve had of late. I don’t remember much more than that, except that I was against his despotic tendencies and managed to escape from his evil clutches.

I was tired this morning, really tired. Had a feeling that I was starting to come down with the wife’s flu. But no. Not having it. It’s really easy to say oh I don’t feel well, curl back under the duvet (or light sheet as the temperature dictates just now) and phone in sick. Instead, and under the New World Order (no not the dystopian future as painted out by my malevolent cousin in my subconscious last night), I will try to attack this flu, blast it with positive energy and not let it get me down.

So today, I got shed loads of work done before my midday catch up, which was followed up by a well earned Frappacino slushy from Starbucks. An easier afternoon allowed me to create some playlists on Spotify, in the main a sitar based playlist which includes such bands like The Beatles, Madonna, Kula Shaker and Ofra Haza.

Even though I was feeling a bit under the weather, I was looking forward to Yoga this evening. I mistakenly thought that it was my last one until September as “P” is going to China to spend 3 weeks at a Shaolin monastery (now that is something I’d love to do one day), but was informed that there was one last session on the last Monday in July. I may get “P” a card or a little gift as my way of saying thanks for the last 6 months of yoga, if it wasn’t for her and yoga, I’m not sure where I would be just now.

It was a hard session with no rest for an hour solid. Each posture manoeuvring and morphing into the next one. With it being all floor work, it was constant contortion of the core, quite difficult to keep it up for an hour, but again like last week, and found it relatively easy with the exception of the stretching to the toes from the sitting down position. I don’t think my back will ever stretch that far, looking at it, there is a definite arch. That mixed with long legs and shortish arms puts the notion of tickling ones toes without bending the knees quite literally out of reach.

If last weeks meditation at the end of yoga did little or nothing from a reiki perspective, today more than made up for it. Again the background music was moody, but as she does every week and rightly so for yoga, “P” starts to talk the group through releasing the thoughts of the day, to focus on the breathing, and relax each part of the body until complete relaxation is attained.

Instead of lying prostate with my hands by my side in usual position, I decided to lay my hands in the reiki positions to find that deeper relaxation and to see if I could bring in “P”s energy. I’ve never felt conscious about going to yoga and what the other group members or anyone else for that matter think of me. I guess in yoga you have to be like that if you are a male. I recall the trepidation of the first session, not helped by the wife saying I’d be farting all over the place and stinking the room out (which for the record I never did – ok perhaps one little Tommy Squeaker towards the end). So during mediation, I know that everyone closes their eyes, probably with the exception of “P”, so no real likelihood from embarrassment (not that there would be anyway). After about 10 minutes, I felt the light from the window hitting my closed eyelids and “P”s instructions seemed to fade away like a secret whisper, and then I felt a huge surge of energy coursing through my body. Unlike the episodes at “L”s the previous Sunday, I was more in control of what was going on, and my mind was flowing the energy around to other parts of my body, rather than focusing on the intensity of the core like before. I recall a focus for a while in my left hip, followed by a movement towards my solar plexus again. The whole thing lasted for about 3 minutes much longer than the previous episodes, and when I came out if it, I was at peace, very relaxed. Thinking back, “P” was trying to get us to feel the Prana energy within the room, trying to get us to bring it in. It certainly worked tonight thats for sure. So as she beckoned us back into consciousness, I sat up and crossed my legs then opened my eyes, and there was “P” looking at me smiling, as if to subliminally say “I was watching you and and you get it now”. Of all sessions I’ve had to date, that was the best one by a country mile. I quite literally floated home.

And so with the wife at her mums for a brew, I turned to the sofa for ‘come down time’ and pressed play once again on the Wonders of the Universe box set, Episode 2 Stardust. Prof Brian Cox explains:

“To understand our own origins, means having to understand the lives of stars, and how their catastrophic deaths brings new life into the universe. It means that every living piece of you and me and the earth was forged in the furnaces of space.

Those who follow Shiva – the god of destruction, believe that everything has to be destroyed so that new things can be created. The Hindu believe in reincarnation and the eternal sequence of death and rebirth, in that the cremation of the physical form helps to free the soul so that it is ready for the next life. They also believe that the physical elements of the body are released back into the world so that they can be recycled into the next stage of creation.

Every religion and civilisation has its own creation story, it tells of where we came from of how we came to be here and of what will happen when we die.

Science can tell us what we are made of and where we came from (so says the Scientist). It answers the most basic of human needs which is to be part of something bigger, and to tell an alternative creation story, you have to understand the how the universe is made, and the path to enlightenment is not an understanding of our own lives and deaths, but from the lives and deaths of the stars.

Every atom in our bodies was not created on earth, but from the depths of space, through the epic lifecycle of the stars. Everything is made of the same ingredients – the chemical elements”. I will continue the episode tomorrow night when the wife is in work, but I’m really focusing on what he is saying (not that his word is the law) as he says it all in such basic terms which are easy to relate to, and what I hope to achieve in my quest for the answer to the ultimate question. Not whether or not there is a god or an afterlife, but who in fact I actually am…

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