Reiki Diary: Day 10

Did I dream last night yes. Can I recall it, not at all. So there were very vague images of faces, a miasma of mixed memories. Like a child’s ball of Playdoh, several individual colours mashed into one singularity, quite impossible to unravel so I won’t attempt to.

So to reiki last night before bed. My turn to be the practitioner. As the wife went through her nightly ablutions in the bathroom, I set two of the smallest of mood candles to colour rotation, set up the bed as a make shift therapists bed and hit play on the Native American meditation playlist.

This may seem a bit crazy, that’s because it probably is. Whilst she was in there, I started to get into the trance and began to ground myself before the session commenced, as “L” told us to do, always. I started my pre-reiki ritual by sitting on the side of the bed, and started to feel the energy flow. Instead of the raw power of surges I’ve felt on a few occasions, this felt different, much more controlled. For the first time, I felt the energy in my hands. The energy was gently circulating around me, but, and this was the crazy part, I felt as if I had a ball of invisible energy in my left hand and moved it to the right hand (like a cup and ball), then back again, repeating it a few times before the bedroom door began to open.

I didn’t tell the wife about this until tonight, when we discussed the whole placebo / mind game thing over a Wagamama salad. We concurrered that really we don’t care what it is, it is putting us both in a really happy place, and that has been the key, and what has changed in me of late. Previously, I would have tried to convince myself that it was my mind creating all of these things, wanting to believe in something, but eventually debunking it like Agent Skully. So as long as these things continue to give me that inner serenity and all me continues to operate in the positive space, then I will continue to believe that it is real.

I went into the atunement with an open mind, with the hope that if I did get it, then I would only self-heal through deep meditation and reiki, rather than doing it on others. I’m a little undecided now though. I cannot see it replacing what I do for a living just yet thats for sure (perhaps my vocation in life after I retire at 55), but I think I will try to branch out from the self and the wife and try it out on others. If others are willing to participate then I’d be more than happy to try. That said, I think I’ll keep it close for now, go to one or two reiki shares (where kindred novice practitioners get together to practice on each other) and then see how I go.

My morning brew gave me a pleasant surprise. Gazing to my caffeine-free Douwe Egberts, the two Sweetex dropped into the steaming brew and I stirred it up into a frenzy. As I withdrew the spoon, the swirling vortex in the middle of the cup looked remarkably like the image on Infinity Beckons, the sugared froth resembling the light, the galactic core of my mug.

The flu has gone. The sceptic (aka the wife) told me that I obviously never had the flu. The logician would say that my strain of flu was milder than that of the sceptic (aka the wife). The post-modern man would say that ignoring it existed in the first place, operating in the positive plane and doing reiki was the contributing factor.

Read with interest that The Yoga Rooms in Moreton are starting ‘Hot Yoga’ sessions, which is basically yoga in a sauna. Pam my yoga teacher said it was a gimmick and can actually be quite dangerous, not to mention unhealthy as some of these places do not wash the mats down which could lead to bacterial infections. That said, I’ll try everything once, so may book myself in for a taster session when I get back from my holidays next week.

Was incredibly busy for the rest of the day updating the final drafts of my documents before they get sent out, as well as kick starting my new project, so there was little time for much more. That is, with the exception of creating a The Doors playlist on Spotify, of the slower, resonating songs. I have not heard Indian Summer for quite some time, and is already my favourite song on the list, including at this point The End (which is one of my favourite tracks of all time). I guess the Indian and Red Indian music I’m listening to this summer is testament to that…

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