Reiki Diary: Day 22

So securing VIP front row seats at a Slayer gig would obviously get anyone who is into the darker side of music excited. I did, therefore I was, as were my comrades “N” and “M”. What we were not expecting was to witness the thrash behemoths performing an acoustic set (not even of their own recordings). Furthermore, we totally not expecting the band to appear on stage through trap doors in the floor, dressed in glam gear, with the attention drawn to a young Tom Araya who was dressed in a tight light-grey all-in-one plastic spandex suit, cropped at the buttocks like hot pants, and with more foundation on than the entire audience at SistersofMercyCon. It was hardly any wonder that I woke up ashamed of my subversive subconscious, although thankfully the site of the lead singer in such garb didn’t stare any morning risers.

Once fully awake, it was time to assess my state of mind. It was calm. It was really calm. In times gone by, it would have been a lot different. Those Monday morning post holiday blues kicking in, awaiting the series of singing pings from colleagues not able to get in touch for a week, watching the Microsoft Outlook totaliser increasing as the emails cascade into my inbox. No. Not today. I was calm. Maybe it was the reiki session last night. Maybe it was the fact that I knew I would be in reactive mode for a time, awaiting responses to the key document I sent before my leave which are not due in for 4 weeks. Maybe it was my new peaceful and positive approach to life. Maybe it was all of these things.

So by 7.14, I was logged on, reading though the emails I needed to catch up on. Realising that I hadn’t ‘downloaded’ everything I needed, I toddled off to the bathroom and did the needful, and with some (not a lot) of trepidation, I manoeuvred the scales into position and took a deep breath, knowing the toll that 9 days away can have on the body. To my surprise, I have only gained 1kg during our time away. As predicted, my running shoes stayed on walking mode, but on reflection, I ate a lot of salads, a lot of yoghurt, a lot of omelettes and walked a fair bit. My positive mood just got a whole lot more positive.

I carried on catching up with emails for the remainder of the morning and had some time to update my continuing Spotify project to come up with a definitive playlist of sitar based contemporary songs. To gain entry to this elite club, the sitar/table has to be the main instrument used and not just an intro riff, for example the start up to Wherever I May Roam by Metallica did not get in. There is one exception however, I just had to include Indian Summer by The Doors, on which the acoustic guitar is as close to a sitar as you will hear (with the tenuous link to India in the title too). I was surprised that by midday, I was up to 17, with entries from the likes of The Beatles, Kula Shaker, Jah Wobble, The Moody Blues and Richie Havens. I’ll keep searching and hopefully will get to about 30. If I get to 29, I may just have to include Om by Smeg and the Heads…

During my search for reiki space yesterday and post-living-room-reorganisation, I remembered that “L” had a collection of bean bag chairs from The Famous Bankrupt Store in Birkenhead in her therapy room. As I was contemplating my feng’s and my shui’s on the sofa at 4:01pm yesterday, this came to me and in a flash I was in the car tear arsing (safely of course) to Borough Road to purchase two. As with all things I got stuck behind an aged driver who would not go above 24 mph all the way to Hamilton Square. I got to the store at 4:24pm just but the final door shutter went up, only to find that they had sold out. The lady behind the counter said that tomorrow morning she would ring around the other shops to see if they had any in stock. To my delight, I got a call around 2pm today to say that 2 had been delivered from the Crosby store and they were ready to be collected, albeit slightly more expensive today (which I was happy to pay on the basis of speed and delivery charge). So picked up they were and ferried back to the house along with the dog who we picked up from the kennels. Looking forward to my next meditation session on them when I get back from London this week.

Following a super pasta based dinner from the missus, I picked up my yoga bag for the last time for a month and headed on. “P” was in the reception area when I got there and we chatted for a while about Tai Chi which I had read up on whilst I was in Brighton. Her version of this martial art were pretty much the same as I’d read, and I asked if Tai Chi course ran at Unique Body Solutions, which sadly to my disappointment did not. They did have a course at one point, but due to dwindling numbers it had to be cancelled. Yoga is paused for “P”s imminent trip to China, which reminded me of my recent trip to Copenhagen. As the wife and I were out and about one day, there was a Tai Chi style demonstration in the main square near the town hall. I recall there being three participants doing the manoeuvres/postures whilst 2 others handed out leaflets to passersby, which talked about this activity being suppressed in China, its followers being imprisoned or worse. I for the life of me could not remember what it was called, and “P” didn’t know (and hoped that her yoga mission over there would not be frowned upon by the China Communist Party).

Before we started, I talked to a girl there and she asked what I was going to do for a month, which I replied I will probably start running again and may try the Yoga Rooms in Moreton, which do the hot yoga. “P” went on to explain that Bikram as it known, has certain benefits but a fair amount of risk associated to it too. She said that for young and fitness freaks, then it is a good supplement to extreme training and the body beautiful, but there have been instances where people have had epileptic fits and strokes due to exercise at 100f + temperatures. She also said that in many places, they did not wash the mats sufficiently and bacterial infections can also set in, the worst case scenario being meningitis. All of that, with the added fact that the ‘yoga instructor’ has only just started this from her previous profession as a personal trainer, I think I’ll give it a miss, so I may seek out a Tai Chi taster session somewhere else.

It was a tough yoga session, I guess it had to be for the last one in a while, lots of floor work and angled stretching which my oddly angled Lovercraftian frame doesn’t cope too well with. When we got to the meditation section, I adopted the position I was in last time, but could not ‘reiki on’ as “P” was talking to the group the whole way through (instructions on tensing and relaxing) which is not really conducive to me ‘zoning out’. That said, I felt very peaceful walking home down the promenade way to our house.

We took “C” for a late walk down on the beach, he looked very calm and in a happy place (which is rather unique for a Springer Spaniel), he always seems to be when we pick him up from the kennels. Whilst walking the wife said that she had read that there are such things as foldable massage beds which may be good for our reiki sessions, so may check that out on the train tomorrow morning.

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