Internal Landscapes…

Has it really been almost a month since my last update, time sure does fly past these days. So if I could sum up the last 4 weeks in 3 words it would be ‘Positivity’ and ‘Focus’ and ‘Fun’.

In the immediate week after my 30 days of post-attunement reflection, there were many times I was reminded of my new internal landscape. I think I bumped into Janek 4 times that week in and around New Brighton, either on foot or in-car. With the exception of perhaps Laura, I don’t recall meeting up with a more calming and positive person in my recent past. The guy is coolness personified, his very laid back attitude, genuine warmth and avid interest in ventures and adventures is quite relaxing, and I always come away from encounters with him feeling a glow of positivity inside.

Janek met Nicky for the first time (she too came away with a very positive impression of him) and went on to advise that he was thinking of setting up a water sports venture at the old yachting club down by Derby Pool. I told him that Nicky and I had been talking about SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and that after I had told her about it, we were real keen on giving it a go, but probably towards the end of the month as we were a bit short on funds after our trip to the south coast. In typical fashion, he told us not to worry about the cash and that we should get ourselves down to the beach on Wednesday and we could pay him next week, next month, next year if needs be. Top bloke. We said we would take him up on the offer, but later decided to postpone our virgin surf as Nicky’s head had not quite healed yet and any nasty flotsam and jetsam may put her recovery back or worse.

Janek mentioned that he had started to study Nikola Tesla, a Serbian scientist, who developed theories on magnetic fields was the inventor of AC/DC (yeah it wasn’t Angus Young), and we spoke about our post-attunement activities. He mentioned that he had not really gone down the road of formal therapy bed / hand positions, more incorporating reiki into his daily life via the sea. His take on it was that he felt the universal frequencies, vibrations and energies via the constant churning of the sea and changing of the current. I totally get that, it reminded me of Prof Cox on the Box again who I recently went back to visit (albeit via a blu-ray disc and not in person) who went on to explain how the universe created the quarks, then protons and neutrons, then atoms, then elements, then matter, then stars, then Earth, then our moon and eventually our tides, and it’s the constant gravitational energy pull of the moon that gives Janek that inter-stellar resonance. That’s how he incorporates reiki, out on the waves. Beautiful.

Over the last few weeks I have had a similar outlook. Certainly not until I retire at the age of 55 will I likely do reiki as a profession or extensively on others, but I do at times go for a more informal approach and apply different techniques. Out on my morning runs, I often listen to sitar based tunes (yes just like Wayne Campbell I too am going through a Ravi Shankar phase) and take in the wonderful vistas along the promenade, accompanied by marshmallow clouds and swirling winds. At other times, I will sit at my desk in the dining room and take just a few minutes time out and meditate, feeling the ebb and flow of energy course through me, my own personal tidal system.

That night in fact was quite warm, so Nicky and I decided to sit outside and talk under the stars. The outdoor sofa we bought from Next was expensive, but we have certainly had our value out if it already this year with the great summer we have had. That night was no exception. We talked for hours and looked out for the clearing of the clouds which came at one point so we gaze up in wonder, viewing what is of course the past. The fifth brightest star in the sky Vega was there shining down on us, blinking, twinkling, reminding me to get back to the Prof Cox box set with haste. As the clouds disappeared so the temperatures began to drop, so we beckoned the kids to bring our pillows and quilt down. We continued our conversation up to the point at which tiredness took me. Several hours later, I was woken by a light dusting of rain water on my face, the clouds acting like a heavenly alarm clock. Sadly, we missed any sign of the Persoid Meteor shower, but our night was special enough for that not to have mattered.

Part way through the month, I was starting to ramp up my running, with the pounds again starting to drop off. Feeling rather positive and good about myself, I put myself in for the Wirral 10K in October. I have no aspirations of beating my personal best, so I will continue to get up early before everyone wakes and get out there. The energy it gives me for the rest of the day is amazing, knowing that by 7.45am I’ve ran 5K, showered and fired up the laptop all before everyone is awake (with the exception of Jamie who leaving the house at daft o clock to get to engineering college).

I’ve also started to do some reiki on myself and Nicky before bed, nothing too formal or too lengthy, just some meditation music and time to relax into unconsciousness. Reiki, running and resonating relationships really are chocolate for the soul. I’d say my outlook and state of well being is probably better than it’s ever been.

I do use Facebook and Twitter a fair bit. I do take inspiration from others and do steal snippets for my own, morphing them slightly. I use Twitter mostly for news feeds, Facebook for personal connections with friends and acquaintances. Mid-month I started to upload a quote a day to Twitter, I quite like getting up early and giving myself a ‘well-being scan’ out on my run which results in me googling for a related quote (I wonder when the word ‘googling’ will enter into the OED), which is subsequently tweeted, and sometimes Facey’d (I wonder when the word ‘Facey’d’ will enter into the OED). I have had comments from various folks about turning all hippy over the last few weeks, but I’ll take that. I’m sure there are others out there with a more negative perception of me, but in reference to one of my particular tweets ‘What others think of you is none of your business, so it is your business not to think about it’. I would like to think that my tweets and updates do not come across as arrogant, negative, self righteous or a dig at anyone in particular though, that’s certainly not my intention.

All of that said, it’s not all plain sailing. Nicky and I have had a few issues of late with Luke. He is going through his ‘Kevin the Teenager’ phase, and his behaviour and lack of respect has certainly had an effect on us. Trying to broker deals with a 12 year old boy is not an easy task, god knows what Keira is going to be like, we have another 7 years anyway before we need to cross that bridge, thankfully.

The following weekend saw us take a trip out to Snowdonia for the Bank Holiday, more specifically Harlech (the only campsite I could find on the internet with space left). I’ve been pretty much all over the world but one of my favourite places is so close to me, Snowdonia. Its the splendour and geological beauty of the pace that gets me every time. Once the A55 turns into the A5 and Betws-Y-Coed is behind you, the landscape rises, the slates of Blaenau Festiniog teeter ominously as if they could slide towards you at any moment and then the majestic peak of Snowdon comes into view. The weather all weekend was amazing. The company all weekend was great, spending quality time with the kids and no technology, just canvas, fire, ball games and stars. The stars. The stars. Saturday night was completely and utterly devoid of cloud, and without a single light on, the sky was a blanket of dreaming lights. I sat there quite literally in awe, seeing I think truly for the first time in my life, true depth in the universe. Some stars like Vega again were shining brightly, some not so, some hardly at all, giving a supreme deepness and vastness to space and time. The lights shining down on us each night were cast millions, billions of years ago, the probability is high that at this moment in time in other parts of our galaxy, those stars do not actually exist, and all we are seeing is celestial ghosts. I left Snowdonia with a heavy heart but gave Harlech an ‘a bientot’ rather than an ‘au revoir’, I would like to get back there for one final weekend before the autumnal weather descends.

Things were not all bad of course, and Nicky and I had our first reiki-share to look forward to. For the uneducated (me included before last Thursday) a reiki share is an evening with fellow practitioners/masters to discuss our experiences the previous month and to take in / give reiki for a short time. As it turned out, it was only Nicky, Laura and I who showed, which was nice for us as for our first one it felt quite personal. Earlier in the day Nicky had some great news in that she had been accepted on an Holistic Therapy course at night college, which will teach her the likes of Indian Head Massages, Deep Tissue Massages and Aromatherapy, and complete and complement the reiki and the mentoring/coaching certification she already possesses.

We were sad to see that Laura was in a cast as her ligament was torn during a recent class, but it takes more than that to knock her positivity. The main topic of conversation was Shadow Self. She asked us to think of our most redeeming features and explain / give examples on how this manifests. She then asked us for the polar opposite to this, the shadow. I had to think quite hard on what my most redeeming feature was, and ended up on the word warmth. I would like to think that I am a warm and kind person, who is nice to others and shares his experiences, positivity and laughter with others. I think to some extent that’s about right. So the opposite is quite obvious. Cold. So true. In an instant I was transported in time and space back to the same day, the same time 12 months ago. I was so cold to Nicky. I was so cold to the kids. I was practically frozen in work. Thinking back, we were incredibly busy in work with the IT Upgrade, I was completely stressed out working ridiculous hours. I remember having regular run ins with colleagues in work, Naveena in particular, and I instantly thought of The Secret, the law of attraction. I exuded so much negativity in the office, so bitchy behind peoples backs, shocking behaviour really, hardly any wonder things turned so badly with Nicky. Contrary to that, is where I am now. I explained to Laura that when I was in London this week, colleagues were drawn to me and not repelled. The law of attraction. I went to lunch with Naveena that day and spoke about what happened at the attunement and she confirmed that from where she was standing my whole persona had changed and for the better which was nice.

When we talked about ‘Shadow People’ in our lives, we all rather coincidentally had exactly the same experience to share. Laura went on to say that as long as we understand our Shadow Self, we can learn how to deal with it once we acknowledge that it does exist and we carry those techniques around with us to overcome it when the black cloud approaches.

She then did Kundalini Reiki on us for a short time, which was pretty good. Laura put on my favourite meditation tracks and was at my feet when she started chanting as the energy flowed up my legs, for her centring on my right knee. We discussed it afterwards and she associated the feeling with the masculine side and feelings of frustration. I must admit I didn’t feel anything on my leg, and it was only afterwards did I think on that it may have been the energy she drew from me instead, as the right knee on her was the one which was in a cast, and perhaps related to her frustration and not mine.

All round it was a great night, sharing life experiences, new techniques and of course a bit a energy swapping to boot!

The next night, Nicky took Luke to the cinema and I set up my new meditation bean-bags in the living room, aligning the mood candles down the centre of the room, setting each one of the six to the same colour of its associated chakra, and meditated for about 45 minutes with my new Kundalini Yoga playlist on Spotify, cupping the candles from my bean-bag at each point for 5 minutes.

photo (5)

It was totally awesome, the surroundings materials of the room disappearing and being replaced with utter blackness, save for the flickering colour of each candle…

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