Cloudy with a chance of randomness

The opening line of last post was “Has it really been almost a month since my last update, time sure does fly past these days”. That was two months. Keeping with the same approach, if I could sum up the last 8 weeks in 3 words it would be ‘Busy’ and ‘Cloudy’ and ‘Random’.

9th September was the day the kids went back to school, and also the day that yoga restarted after the summer hiatus. Pam being ensconced in a Shaolin Temple deep in the China provinces for a month was always going to result in the first lesson back to yoga being full of hurt, it wouldn’t take Confucius to work that one out. It did, very much. I didn’t really have any intentions of keeping up the yoga whilst Pam was of wrapping her 73 year old legs around her head.

In a way it was a welcome break, in other ways not. The period did allow me to take up running again and get my aerobic fitness levels and weight levels to their optimum (not bad for an ageing old scrote such as I). During August I began to clock in fastest ever times for my training runs (5km in just over 22 minutes / 10km in just over 45 minutes). Combined with eating healthier and not drinking booze as much, I felt good going into the 2013 Wirral 10K. There are a great many things yoga, meditation and reiki can teach the mid/long distance runner. Yoga postures certainly help stretch out the hamstrings and glutes. Meditation certainly helps to focus the mind out on a run and brings that level of calm that puts the body into that automation zone which is required on long distance runs. Reiki certainly inspires to take in the wonders of nature and the universe when out on a run, and during my training runs on/near the beach I had several ‘reiki type energy moments’ when clouds parted to reveal the burning ball of plasma ninety three million miles away.

It was after the first yoga session back that I came back to the house and gave Nicky a ‘reiki sleep’ session due to a headache she had, to help her drift off into the abyss. It was in that session that I had realised that I actually got more from giving reiki than receiving it. That is the beauty about it, reiki is not a one way street. The practitioner can sometimes get more out of a session than the recipient. I compiled a Spotify playlist with my favourite meditation tunes on and cast my non-corporeal energy net over her, which worked a treat for me at least (and her too maybe to a lesser extent).

I was also in London that week which added to the calendar chaos. Naveena and I had been talking for quite some time about ‘The Secret’, yoga and the likes, and I finally got down to telling her about my reiki experiences so far, and as a result she went and booked herself into yoga (which she continues to do and enjoy). I have really started to forge a love/hate relationship with London and I must try to change that. Every time I get on the train every 4th Tuesday of the month, I get a glimpse of the past, the stress of working away and all the serious troubles that brought last year, the stress of working in the city, the stress of working for ‘the man’. There are times when its good (mostly when I surround myself with friendly familiar faces and spend a bit of R&R time outside the office), and other times where I detest the attitudes and sheer existence of some long standing colleagues as well as the general busyness of the capital.

My good friend Mick relayed the great news that he had had a new bonny lass to add to the family tree, and brought her around to our house so we could have first looks and a cuddle. Such a cutie, even with hair like Johnny Marr from The Smiths!

Sunday so us all going to the beach. Even though it was a little cold, we met up with Janek and Laura who were doing stand up paddle boarding in the sea. It didn’t really take Nicky and I long to see that it looked like a lot of fun and that at some point it would be us out there, but with the weather on the turn, it would more likely be the spring (not that it stopped me instantly googling all of the gear you can get and coming up with a new list for my next pet project). We were surprised to see Laura in a cast, and she had explained that she had pulled some ligaments in a training session. We got to talking about how good the reiki share session was and rather randomly got on to the subject of tinnitus. Laura said that she got a ringing in her ears from time to time during reiki sessions as the energy flows, and that if I had it on a permanent basis, then I should look to use it to my advantage to help channel the energies both inside and outside me. It certainly is one way of looking at it, using the curse as a way to improve my technique.

The next yoga session was great, in fact one of the best ones to date, ironic really that on that day I got my over 40’s health check letter from the doctors. I decided to take up the challenge and also book myself into the gym at work who were doing a free fitness assessment. The fitness assessment went really well, al key statistics being on the money. The only downside was my ability stretch forward. One of the main reasons I took up yoga was my back which pained me from time to time. So it came as no surprise that during the assessment the only negative points was my hamstrings and glutes were very tight, which also had an effect on my current height! The guys at the gym were great and came up with a stretch plan with cool little stick men drawings to get me more flexible.

Nicky also started college during September, training to be a holistic therapist and I must say I am a lucky man. She purchased a portable massage bed and turned me into her guinea pig, and the early signs are that she has a real talent for it, so much so a friend of hers who owns a salon has already offered her a room once she has qualified, much to Nicky’s delight.

With yoga, meditation, reiki and now free massages, I should be the most chilled bloke on the planet. The only problem is my priority list, and things at work have got really busy of late. Trying to fit in the kids, the wife, the job and the new age techniques is all rather difficult, and as a result my tinnitus has been quite bad of late, especially getting off to sleep.

I know what I have to do, and I have the best intentions of doing it. Starting today. Or perhaps tomorrow…

PS – My Wirral 10k performance broke my personal best by 2 minutes (45m23s)

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