Has Prof Cox beat me to it?

Professor Brian Cox will return to BBC2 with a new five-part series asking what it is to be human in a 2014 season of science programmes.

Cox has become one of the BBC’s most important faces following the success of his three Wonders … series looking at the solar system, the universe and life on earth.

His next series, Human Universe, will attempt to answer who we are, whether we are alone, and what is our destiny.

The BBC, announcing the new season of programmes on Wednesday, said Cox’s new series would “tackle the biggest questions that we can ask from who are we and are we alone, to why are we here and what is our destiny”.

“As humans, we have long sought to understand our place in the cosmos, looking for answers in the heavens and the earth, discovering clues in the endless forms of living things and wondering at the precious nature of human life,” it said.

As much as I would like to finish my blogathon in record time before this series airs, it’s highly probable that I won’t. Instead and in true Scouse fashion, I may rob bits of it and claim it as my own…

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