Breadcrumb Diary: Week 2

#1 Is there life on Mars
Luke and I sat down to watch a movie on the Raspberry Pi. He asked me if I had a preference and I said no, and of all of the 77,000 movies he chose Memento, a Christopher Nolan film starring Guy Pearce about a guy (no pun intended) who cannot form new memories due to a traumatic event in his life and has to leave himself ‘breadcrumbs’ in the form of tattoos and, notes and Polaroid’s. The film was also mentioned in a podcast I had listened to recently from Anthony Peake, which he cites as one of those films that questions the order of things (time mostly). Rather coincidentally, the ‘outro’ song (called ‘Something in the air’) was written and performed by David Bowie. Literally just before the film started, I had sent a Facebook birthday message to an ex-colleague of mine who had turned 40, advising him that he shared his birthday with amongst others, a famous pop/rock star. David Bowie…

#1 Lucidity
Out walking the dog again today, so the next podcast on my download list was again Anthony Peake (only a few more left to listen to). The podcast itself was on an independent channel called The Astral Channel. It has to be said that some of Anthony’s comments and concepts are really far out. In this episode, he recalled how he used what is called a lucid light device which strobes lights to closed eyelids and allegedly triggers the endogenous creation of dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Dr Rick Strassman ran lab experiments using DMT back in the 80’s, with DMT being a cousin of other psychotropic drugs like LSD, produces hallucinations and visions. During Anthony’s 15-minute session, he alleged that he had travelled to the astral plain, and saw himself floating over a planet whose surface was made up of black and white squares. Far out man. What was rather coincidental was about 5 minutes later as I was nearing home with the dog now in toe and not in front, I turned to go up Victoria Road in New Brighton, only to pass a parked van which had a logo on the side which read Astral Electrical Services…

#1 The bells, the bells
For no apparent reason, I woke up with the notion of having the theme tune to The Exorcist on my iPhone. Ever since getting the 4S, my ring tone had been the same boring default ring. So off I went to the iTunes store and purchased Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells – Introduction’ track and installed it. Over the last few years my musical tastes have diversified radically, moving away from metal into more ambient quarters. My outlook on life and longevity has also changed, last year being a good example of that with me taking up yoga, meditation and reiki. Sadly I have missed yoga since giving it up, but looking back, it was the meditation part I missed the most rather than the posture work. So I set about googling for meditation circles on the Wirral. As I was doing that, I also decided as background music, I would look to create all of Mike Oldfield’s playlists in Spotify. One that caught my ear was ‘Music of the Spheres’, quite esoterically named. On the playlist went, and as I reconvened my search for Mikey’s Mystic Meditators from Moreton, a track called Shabda came on, the same name as my favourite yoga album by Indian composer Russill Paul…

#1 Atomic
My son and I decided to go out on a run, to try and remove some festive cheer from around both of our mid-rifts. Both of us had agreed that we had put on a little too much weight of late and that eating habits and physical activities (or lack of them) must improve. So off we went around my usual ‘just short of 5km’ track. Whilst out on the run, I asked him about the subjects in school, which one he liked / disliked and what he was currently doing in each one. He got on to Chemistry and was saying they were currently on the atomic module, and he went on to describe how atoms were constructed (not at the quantum level of course). I went on to say that I also was looking at my own version of the atomic module by watching the Wonders of the Universe and Ascent of Man box sets, as well as other offerings served up from wiki, to determine what had currently been determined and what was still work in progress (in the main quantum mechanics). After we got back to the house, we sat down with a bottle of water in the living room recovering, and had a chat with the wife about how her holistic therapy course was going. To our joint amusement, she went on to say everything was going ok with the exception of the science theory part, and in particular she found it difficult to understand how atoms and energy were made…

None recorded…

#1 I’m barking mad
Yesterday I contracted cellulitis, which has inflamed and bloated the space between my tibia and my kneecap. It came on yesterday as I was preparing the Sunday roast. Last night I had a god damn awful fever and was shivering and quite delirious by all accounts. When I woke up this morning, I could have swore I heard the werewolf scream from the black comedy ‘An American Werewolf in London’ coming from downstairs, the exact scream heard just before the character Jack gets ripped apart on the moors. I’m not sure if I was awake or still asleep when I heard that. The wife subsequently came upstairs and advised (told me actually) to get up and hobble downstairs to get some breakfast, which she nursingly provided. As we ate, she put on the next episode of The Good Wife (an American drama about a lawyer and her cheating politician of a husband). Each episode is pretty much self-contained, but there is an underlying story that carries on throughout the series. So picture the scene of a loaded courtroom if you will, then picture the scene in my living room as I spit some coffee over myself when the judge of the day walks in and is none other than Griffin Dunne, who played Jack in An American Werewolf in London…

None recorded…

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