Breadcrumb Diary: Week 3

None recorded…

None recorded…

None recorded…

None recorded…

None recorded…

None recorded…

#1 The mother of all breadcrumbs
I guess I was feeling really sorry for myself. I had to go back to the aptly named ‘Walk-In Centre’ on Sunday to get some more anti-biotics from the doctor as the hard cellulitic mass (aka my third knee), was not getting any better. Off I trundled and sat with the rest of the docile masses, waiting in line for a slip of green paper and the request for another £7.85 of my hard earned cash. Cabin fever had well and truly set in at this point, and it was whilst sitting in the never-ending waiting room that I looked at my breadcrumb diary on my phone and found that there were no entries. Not one in a week. I then got to thinking, was it because I was resigned to sitting on the same chair day-in day-out and thus removing myself from a lot of potential coincidencai (plural of coincidence) or opportunities for synchronicity that my diary was bereft of content? Maybe it was, and just maybe I deduced that the more varied and interesting ones day is, the more chance one has of experiencing synchronicities.

As I have had a lot of sofa time, I have managed to watch the long overdue BBC TV series Sherlock, and damned fine it is too. So on this day, the 21st January 2014, I watched in my opinion the best episode by far of the first 2 series, ‘The Reichenbach Fall’. Imagine my delight then when literally an hour after pondering why it was I was not getting any synchronicities through, the scene on TV cut to a close up of Martin Freeman who plays Dr John H Watson, who picks up a wax-sealed letter on the doorstep, which contained nothing but breadcrumbs. Interesting. Further on in the episode, a second wax-sealed letter addressed to Sherlock contained a compendium of tales from The Brothers Grimm, a vintage edition left as a clue by Jim Moriarty, upon which Watson revealed the contents of the previous letter and Sherlock deduces the key to the case lies in the story of Hansel & Gretel.


Hurrah! I’m back in the room…

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