Breadcrumb Diary: Week 4

None recorded…

#1 Evidence of precognition
I have never experienced either retrocognition (retrocognition being the art of sensing the historic events of others) or precognition (the art of sensing future events of oneself or others), not even remotely. Thinking about it, I’ve never really had a sense that something good or something bad was about to happen, I aimlessly and innocently wander into things and deal with them as they happen (sometimes to my downfall). The same cannot be said for my significant other, she has always had a sixth sense of sorts. Today was one of those days.

Last night we went to bed around the usual time, watched an episode of The Good Wife (US lawyer drama on Netflix not the UK sitcom with the ‘ravishable’ [as Jerry would say] Felicity Kendall), switched off the light and drifted off into the realm of the unconscious.

Unbeknownst to me, my wife woke at 4am with a real sense of foreboding. She had dreamt something awful, which sadly she was not able to recall. Her overall feeling of dread was severe, so much so that she could not get back to sleep until 7am. When I finally woke at 7.20am oblivious to all this, she looked awful. She told me that she couldn’t get to sleep after 4am and that she felt that something really bad was going to happen.

So she rested a while as I got the kids ready for school. I then hobbled my way up the hill and dropped my daughter off, and when I got back I made her some breakfast, although it was clear that she still had this dark presence hanging over her (or maybe it was the lack of sleep). As the time approached 11am, she put her coat, hat and scarf on in preparation for her daily trip to look after her step-dad who has had a series of mini-strokes and suffers from dementia. Almost a week on and I can vividly recall the conversation we had at the front door. Why is it that I can remember every word of the conversation so clearly, and looking back why did real-time slow down so much. We talked a while in the hall, and she was totally and utterly convinced that she was going over to the house, and upon opening the front door that she would see him lying dead on the floor. With a sigh, she turned to go and I turned to go into the kitchen, as we did so the phone she still held in her hand rang. It was the school. It was bad news. Really bad news…

Quite why the school did not phone an ambulance is beyond me (and will be the subject of future enquiries with the head teacher), but my daughter had had a freak accident in the schoolyard and suffered a double fracture of the tibia. In an instant we were both in the car and tearing up the hill. It was a sickening sound hearing her scream before seeing her. I recall how I floated through seas of ghostly faces to find her, to focus on her, and to get her to the hospital immediately. Everything that surrounded me was a blur, people were talking at me (although in their universe it was to me not at me). Although it appeared in slow motion I didn’t take any of it in. I cannot remember a single word that was uttered in that brief yet oddly elongated moment in real-time.

After the chaos had subsided later in the day, and my daughter had settled as much as she could be in her temporary cast, my wife and I sat down in the kitchen and looked back on her moment of precognition, albeit with a different subject matter, our daughter and not her step-dad.

In an instant it reminded me of the Aberfan disaster in Wales in which many children and some adults died when a coal slurry engulfed the school. There was a specific example of precognition there too, much more accurate. A 10 year old girl by the name of Eryl Mai Jones girl had dreamt of the tragedy before it had happened. She awoke two days prior to the disaster and told her mother, “Mummy, I’m not afraid of dying.” Her mother tried to reassure her that everything was alright but her daughter continued, “I’m not afraid of dying because I shall be with Peter and June.” Eryl went on to describe a dream she had, “Mummy, it was so strange. I dreamed I went to school and there was no school there. Something black had come down all over it.” Forty-eight hours later she was dead, crushed along with her classmates beneath tons of pitch black coal debris. Eryl’s name is sadly listed on Aberfan memorials…

None recorded…

None recorded…

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2 thoughts on “Breadcrumb Diary: Week 4

  1. It seems very odd indeed that she experiences something ‘like’ this on the very day this happens. Nothing like this for months perhaps years before, nothing in the days since. For me this is likely evidence that there is possibly something driving such extreme cases of coincidence / synchronicity. One can read stuff on the net or in books and ponder, but when something like this happens so close to home it’s difficult not to think there are as yet undisclosed forces at work 😀


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