Reiki Diary Level 2: Part 2

And so to Reiki Level 2: Part 2. In the hours leading up to my next session I was feeling great, very energised. I managed to get a good amount of work done, squeezed in 14 lengths of the local swimming pool and went for a 3km run with my son. With feelings of positivity flowing down each and every meridian, I excitedly took the keys from the bowl (no not one of those parties), fired up the Jeep, and off I went.

Going into the session, my consolidation of the power symbol (Cho Ku Rei) was ok. I had self treated two or three times, and gave the wife two sessions. My sessions were quite intense, one in particular was rather powerful. Last week I had to go to London for some meetings, and recalled on the way my darkest days of 2012. I used to loathe and detest the place. Each week, every Tuesday I would rise up out of bed at 5am, catch the local underground followed by the fast red eye train south. As the city approached, my consciousness filled up with negativity and angst as each invisible mile marker passed. Last week’s experience was very different. I guess this had a little to do with the fact that I had not been there for three months, but as my outlook on life had changed and together with my newly acquired skills of self-perpetuating healing and inner calmness (through reiki), it left me feeling very positive about the trip. Ten minutes before arriving at London Euston, on went the “Reiki-Zone” playlist and closed went the eyes. Drawing a Cho Ku Rei in each hand, I closed my palms together, got lost in the music and mantras, and drifted off albeit briefly to another time and place. As the second song on the playlist finished, I opened my eyes just as the train was coming to a stop on the platform. The rest of the day was great, no stress, no issues, peaceful.

The two reiki sessions I conducted on my wife were very different. The first one was very calming for her, bringing her warmth, relaxation and a fuzzy feeling of peace inside. The instant her head hit the pillow she was gone, and had the best night’s sleep she had had in months (I have that effect on women). The second session however was a polar opposite (quite literally). She said that every time I touched her an icy blast coursed through her body. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, whether I was doing something different.

So I got to “L”s house and as per usual was greeted with a warm smile. As we were going in to her treatment room, I caught a glimpse of her hard copy of Reiki For Life book, and I quickly gave her update on my progress in the book, telling her that it encompassed a lot of theories and ideas I had read elsewhere, and that this book could very much be my Reiki Bible.

She beckoned me to get straight on the bed which was a first, and within an instant she was gripping my feet, grounding me on what was to come I guess. I could feel a connection pretty quick, and a warmth journey up my legs. For some reason her nose started running, which I said was quite an odd coincidence as my legs were running an hour earlier down on the promenade with my son. It was strange though, I could feel the energy flow but we were still chatting as normal. Whenever I have had reiki before it has always been in a meditative state, eyes closed zoning out to esoteric tunes and wandering off into myself. A very different approach but good to note nonetheless as it proves that reiki works in all environments irrespective of postures and states.

As the grounding was taking place (I believe that was what she was doing although it could have been something else, I didn’t ask), I began to tell “L” about my experiences of the last few weeks and of my friend “M” who was starting to get into lucid dreaming. I gave her an intro into lucid dreaming, and more specifically the lucid light device.

From what I can make out, the lucid light device is a strobe type instrument which when viewed (with eyes closed) can allegedly help to produce (or help the pineal gland to) endogenous DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), and it is whilst this is happening that the viewer has the ability to ‘travel’ to or view other places, other realms (whether it be into the subconscious, super-conscious and astral plain is not clear). Either way, it can bring forth moments of enlightenment. Intrigued by this, literally hours before my session I found that there was a ‘light studio’ in Finsbury Park, North London which has a couple of these devices and you can book a session (taster session being only £10). I took an action to try and get some of my southern friends to accompany me in April.

On the point of DMT, “L”s recent trip abroad nearly became just that. She had met some folks who offered her some, which she declined, but went on to say that these guys had had some amazing experiences on it, not taking it to get whacked off their bonces, but to expand the mind, be closer to God.

It reminded me of days long ago, when I was at a party and some friends of mine at the time had all clubbed together and bought a strobe light, and proceeded to drop acid, the results apparently were very ‘far out’. I was never tempted by psychotropic drugs as I’ve always been a little afraid of not being in control of my faculties for a number of hours, hallucinating. On that basis I never did partake, but the lucid light device is different. You are ultimately in control of the immediate stop (or panic) button by opening your eyes, so can cease the light at any time (should you want to). So that is now my intermediate quest, why take drugs or alcohol when you get high on light, maaaaaaan…

On the subject of alcohol, I told “L” that my alcohol days are over. Last week after my great day, I had the most awful day. I went out with the lads from the office for four beers after work to watch the England game on TV, a small amount really over several hours. I felt so crappy the next day, and didn’t perform well in work. Same at the weekend. On Friday night, I had four brandies whilst watching Dallas Buyers Club (awesome film that is) and the next day I was awful. Dehydrated, grouchy and short with the kids. I felt poisoned, so pretty much made up my mind that besides the special social occasion, I’m done. “L” said that she doesn’t drink anymore on the same basis, and that reiki and meditation can give her natural highs without having to take alcohol, and it was free. “I’ll drink to that” I said…

And so to the attunement. After we had caught up, this time she got me to sit on the chair and asked me what tunes I wanted to put on. The attunement was only going to take five minutes so I kindly asked her to put on Metamorphosis by Anoushka Shankar, my favourite zone out track just now. On it went, on the energy went. Intense does not describe it. It was probably the most powerful attunement I have had to date. My whole body was coursing with energy, my waking R.E.M was going off the scale (as were my flaring nostrils most likely). Incredible experience, I felt at that moment that I had been empowered with something special. I would recommend this stuff to anyone, but go in with an open mind.

After a pause in proceedings (“L” once again holding my lower legs to turn down the immense amount of energy in the room) it was back on the bed, where we continued talking whilst she went around my chakra points doing her stuff. I think that “L” and I are quite similar actually, in terms of wanting instant results. I recall that during the last session she had predicted (rightly) that my head was full of information and that I was for some reason in a desperate hurry to find “enlightenment”. I often come across new things which I throw myself into which I think is the best thing since sliced bread, only for me to go off it or not get the hang of it and inevitably  in the bin it goes, often at great expense (drum kit, electric guitar etc). For some reason, my frustration needs immediate answers, as was the case when I started yoga, meditation and reiki. “I demand immediate enlightenment please”. I told “L” that when I self treat or treat others, I must have certain music on, certain lighting conditions in order for me to feel the full power of reiki or else I’ll feel that it hasn’t worked, or I was no good. Rightly (again) she said I was trying too hard, and maybe my intensity was blocking the very nature of reiki, which did make a lot of sense. So I took a mental note not to be so mental next time.

On the subject of visions, again I announced my frustrations of not ‘seeing’ anything. I was slightly concerned about that. “L” asked me what is was I was expecting to see, and I said that when my eyes were closed doing reiki, I was expecting a projection on to the blackness of the back of my eyelids, whether it be shapes, figures or vistas presenting itself to my consciousness. She told me that the visions she has (and others have experienced a similar thing) was like memories. At this point, she asked me to recall my very first memory, which was of me sitting on a moving sofa, getting carried down the street to my new home. My recall of that first memory (which was when I was only 18 months old) was not a physical manifestation before my eyes, more just a feeling although I could describe it in detail. And that was it, that was a vision – a feeling of an experience rather than seeing something. I got it there and then. She said that the energy in me was very strong but I needed to back off a little and let things flow more naturally. So I took another mental note to take that step back from the intensity and such things may then present themselves, at some point, but not to be disappointed if they did not.

“L” also said that it was not perhaps reiki that was going to give me my moment of enlightenment, it was something else and that something else was massive (hope she didn’t mean early death!), although she could not predict what that was at this point. She did say to keep an eye out for energy spikes (either a buzz or my tinnitus peaks), to become more aware of signs and react on them. She then told of a time when she was being empowered with the Level 3 Reiki Master Symbol and from that moment on she experienced heightened frequencies from time to time. At certain times, such frequency changes would kick in and things would happen. There was a time when she was at the store and the frequency peaked big style, as her vision stopped and centred on a book on the shelf behind the tills. The book was about Angels. At only three pound, she bought it. When she opened it for the first time on a completely random page, the heading at the top of the page read Angel Signals: High Pitched Frequencies…

After the reiki had finished, we sat back down on the comfy yoga chairs, getting ready to discuss the new symbol (Sei He Ki) she shared with me during my attunement, when all of a sudden “L” got totally spooked out by something coming in from over her left shoulder. She thought it was my phone on vibrate, so I checked, nothing had come through. As I reached out to pick it up, it went off, it was a message from “M” giving me instructions on how to install the lucid light app on my iPhone. After recently finishing her speech on signals, she said that it was more than likely a sign for me to follow. I stated that my mission to North London had just upped its position on my ‘priority table’. “L” then shared the harmony reiki symbol with me and gave me my homework for the next two weeks.

After booking myself in for my final Level 2 reiki session in April I said my goodbyes, but not before two more ‘signals’. Outside her house she has a light with a motion sensor. The light was on, and as I walked past it, it actually went off not on and would not come back on when I waved at it. “L” waved and said the word “Bing” and oddly it came back on in that instant. As I walked back to the car, I went past the lamppost at the end of her driveway and looked directly at the light, as I did so, the light temporarily flickered like my newly acquired Super Mario Power Up was interfering with the electricity. So to quote Darth Vader in relation to me this time: The force is strong with this one…

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