Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 3

After all of that had happened over the last few days, I was predicting a slowing down of reiki related activities today, and by the time I had retired, I was proven right.

Grabbing my phone for my early morning session on the pot, I sent “L” a message regarding my self-treatment last night at the college. I told her about my “vision” and asked for her opinion on whether my experience was that of someone who had connected with the unseen universe, or whether they were words and thoughts of a complete nut job.

I also asked her if weather and tides permitted, could we do our final Level 2 session on the beach, and that I had every intention to send the healing energy back in time to myself as per my experience last night, having a reiki master there to support proceedings would certainly help.

Almost immediately she sent a message back to me saying that my vision was mind blowing and that to her nothing ever sounds strange. “L” has a similar connection (if not stronger than mine) with the beach where we live. Last year before her accident, she started Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), something which my wife and I are keen to kick start as well this year, so my proposal to do reiki on the beach was met with open arms, and that she was really excited about it.

She also went on to say that she too had had a vision yesterday whilst she was on that very beach. She experienced a weird energy change then saw herself doing yoga on a SUP board. Within twenty minutes, “J” (the SUP Lead) phoned her up to say that he was arranging for a SUP company to come and do a yoga and fitness demo on the beach. In closing she said that the universe certainly does work in mysterious ways.

Taking a look at my cleansing process, I opened up my Outlook calendar to see when it was that my 21 days were up. Coincidentally (or is it), the 21st day is the 1st April, the exact day that I had booked in with “L” last week for my final session…

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