Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 4

There may be trouble ahead…

Last night the wife and I watched a film, but before, during and after, we had several run-ins with a terrible teenager. My twelve year old had been impeccably behaved during the last few months, but from Wednesday this week, his pre-pubescent / teenage angst had started to kick in. Friday night saw him stomping around the house and donating some of his attitude our way. After being exiled to his bedroom, we continued on with our movie (Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks which I thought was rather dull – I fell asleep half way through so there’s the evidence). Feeling tired and slightly irritated by the antics of our temporary satan spawn, we retired for the evening.

Up early the next day, we had a 48 hours period to decorate my eldest son’s bedroom. It’s been long overdue, and his room has had some condensation issues (with his room being over the kitchen and next to the bathroom), which I had already fixed. Something was not right though. I had an overwhelming negative state of mind, I put it down to the fact that the first task of the weekend was to paint the ceiling, which I guess everyone loathes doing. Looking back I should have stopped. Ceilings are so annoying to paint. They are whitish to begin with, then you paint them slightly whiter. No progress can be visibly seen and the end result isn’t that spectacular.

Our stepladder isn’t the most stable at things at the best of times. Add a 13 stone man stretching on one leg, with a paint pot balanced precariously on the top step and you know trouble is just around the corner. It happened in slow motion. The ladder began to topple, the paint pot made its way towards the carpet/bed/my legs, I (looking like a drunken clown on roller skates) tried to right the ladder, catch the paint pot and grab on to the brush which was mid-air, all at the same time. I came crashing down, putting my foot through my sons new bed, paint spraying everywhere. Gotta love the law of attraction.

Upon opening the door to the room after my screams oh “Oh no!”, my wife stood in the doorway wetting herself laughing, as due to the paint covering most of my lower body, I stood there, with a sorry face only wearing a t-shirt, naked from the navel down. Upon returning to clean the scene of the crime, as the paint was only emulsion, it came off the floor and the bed quite easily, as did the minor blood splatters from my foot.

After the room was tidied, the bed repaired, the paint from the carpet removed, we sat down, had a bacon sandwich/cup of coffee, laughed, and all of a sudden the world was a happy place again I was ready to re-enter the primary universe. The rest of the day was spent on painting duties without incident and the room looks great, 28 hours ahead of schedule.

The last thing we wanted to do after the shenanigans of the day was to cook, so we decided to head over to plush Heswall for our evening meal, enjoying some light hearted/jovial reflections of the day. I had intended to do a hands-on treatment to my wife when we returned, but with the events of the day and a belly full of pizza dough, an hour of TV and bed was the preferred option, one that I took with both hands…

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