Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 5

“M”, someone screamed from my subconscious / super-conscious state at 6:20am this morning. It was a female voice I did not recognise, but the voice was so clear and loud bleating my name, it dragged me up a level (like an Inception kicker) and put me in a permanent state of ‘awakedness’ for the rest of the day. I was expecting something profound or real to have happened, but until now, nothing has materialised.

Early morning rises (ooeerr) often see me heading for the dog lead, so off “C” and I went, headed into the cold air, yet feeling the warmth of the soon-to-be Spring sun trying its best to raise the daffodils from their beds and warm our cheeks.

Now that my sons room was dry, we spent the rest of the day putting everything back in it place and adding new accessories to the walls (Taekwondo / Muay Thai / Spartan Race awards and trophies).

I was planning of giving my wife a hands on treatment on our therapy bed, but as time pressed on and fatigue set in, I was forced to lay my beleaguered hands on her from the comfort of my own side of the bed, falling asleep myself within minutes of starting…

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