Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 7

Seven days. One third of the way through the cleansing process. Time to check those vital statistics:

If I’m honest in a state of flux. I’ve started a new phase in my project at work, and as such there are of course work pressures to deliver. There have been work-related thoughts creeping in to my mind where (and more to the point when) they should not creep in. My mood has gone from complete and utter relaxation to tense depending on the day. Not that I’m bi-polar in anyway (but I am a Gemini so maybe from an astrological perspective I’m always going have that split), but no two days are the same just now. I have started a new daily practice though which is already starting to bear fruit.

Overall Rating: Fair.

No alcohol. No caffeine. Spot on my target weight. Plenty of exercising (gym, running, swimming, RipStik-ing). No physical ailments to speak of (besides the minor bruising on my right heel from my calamitous ceiling-painting session at the weekend).

Overall Rating: Excellent.

What happened at the college last week was quite profound, I’ve not had such a spiritual moment like that for some time (perhaps ever). What will happen on the beach in two weeks (weather and tides permitting) will be as spiritual I’m sure, if not more so. I’ve not had any other moments like that since that episode last Thursday, and it’s effect has diminished over the last few days as other things in my brain have begun to take priority.

Overall Rating: Improving.

After what can only be described as a day to forget yesterday (maybe it was because I am alcohol free just now and all of the leprechauns and Irish folks were drinking my quota of the blackstuff), last night going to bed I had a plan. I have two alarms set on my iPhone, as does my wife. Mine are set for 6:30 (to wake my eldest son up) and 7:30 (to wake my two youngest from their deep slumber). Similarly, my wife as set hers to 6:00 and 7:00 for the same reasons.

My new daily ritual is to rise up at the sound of the 7:00 alarm, and go downstairs to our living space, pull out my yoga/meditation/reiki bean bag chair, strategically place two mood candles and a carving of Buddha in front of me, all accompanied by my Spotify playlist.

Getting into the zone, I meditate quietly for a few minutes and then starting pulling the energies in to my heart chakra and sending them off on their merry little way. I have found that the advice given to me by the tutor last week is helping actually. Instead of placing hands on, I hover my hands over the centre of my chest in like a butterfly shape but without hands touching, pulsing in and away from my chest, really seems to work. After about 15 minutes, I get on to my feet and do a few energising yoga moves and I’m ready to start the day. So that is my plan from now on, the rest of the day today was a particularly good one, no doubt placed on track by my settled mind.

Towards the end of my session this morning, my little princess came into the room and asked what I was doing, so I told her. Her little face lit up and she asked if I could do reiki on her (as-was broken) leg. I of course obliged and got her to sit in a lotus position with her index and thumb circled (like the picture below), asked her to close her eyes and think of having a perfect little leg and off we went. After 5 minutes, I stopped and asked her if it was feeling better, she of course replied that it was and that I was magic. Nice.

Just, as I stopped the reiki, I heard an almighty scream coming from upstairs. I ran up to see what the to-do was and my wife was looking startled as the lightbulb in the bedroom had exploded (thankfully we had an uplifter shade which prevented that glass from going all over the room), sending sparks flying everywhere, scaring the be-jesus out of her. Surely my energy wasn’t that powerful…

Had a meeting with some senior managers early morning which went remarkably well due to my positive frame of mind. At lunchtime I took my step-dad (who has dementia) swimming for our regular Tuesday session, and he advised that today he had a pull in his leg so only managed about ten lengths. If there is one person to call me a woo-woo over reiki it would be him, so I didn’t feel the need to extend an invite to him for a session.

Some minor traumas in work in the afternoon (not of my doing but annoying nonetheless) were soon forgotten as my son and I went down to the lamp-lit promenade down on the sea front to commence on our joint journey to be RipStik skaters. I guess this could be seen by many as a mid-life crisis (Forty-One year old dad learns to skateboard for the first time), but we had a blast (quite literally – the wind was strong down on the front so gave us the boost we needed for our first outing).

Late on in the evening, my wife gave me a full body aromatherapy massage as her new oil set had been delivered. Awesome it was too, her techniques improving by the day. As there was some lemon/lavender mix left over, I offered my hand to her and gave her a special blend of aromatherapy and reiki. By all accounts, I was pretty awesome, and she went on to say that when I retire at Fifty-Five, instead of being an IT Consultant when it suited me to work, I should get to reiki master and supplement that with massage.

Sounds like a plan, and a real good one too…

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