Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 8

Not every day has to be magical. Not every day has to be enlightening. Sometimes just being a human with spiritual feelings or in fact a spirit experiencing itself subjectively through human form is enough.

I have just recognised that fact, and just because I don’t have intense moments or other worldly revelations does not make this day any less special than the last.

For the second day running, I woke early and went downstairs to do my morning meditation / self-reiki-treatment. I really like the feeling it gives me during that 30 minutes, but moreover the feeling it gives throughout the rest of the day.

I see it as a mix between meditation, reiki and tai chi (not that I have ever practised the latter). Sitting in a semi-lotus position on my bean bag chair, moving my hands in, out and around the central chakra, all to some deep and meditation sounds coming from the magic-music-box, is quite magical in itself.

I’m reaching an intense period in my project but I am coping rather sublimely / resiliently with the stresses of it all due to my new dawn-time regime.

Even when the wife gets up out of the wrong side of the bed and lets rip with vitriol and a volley of verbal abuse, the negativity bounces off me right now which is ace.

As wifey was in college tonight, watched a film on the sofa with the kids after work, all snuggled up with those that matter most to me, in harmony with my sprogglings.

Late on, I opened my mail to find a flyer from the Liverpool Empire which included the latest shows to be released. Normally I only have a look at the overview of such things to see if there is anything specific that catches my eye. For the whole of 2014, there was only one that did. Lord of the Flies, the only book I read in school which kept me interested.

I decided to flick to the Lord of the Flies page and found with interest that they were looking for kids aged 10-25 to apply to be in the show, so instantly applied for my son who is looking to tread the boards later in life.

Our subconscious / super-conscious states do guide us to do things in life, we just need to be attuned to them and listen carefully, then act on our instincts / invisible directors. Right now I am in tune (unlike my vocal abilities on the kareoke)…

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