Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 12

I guess the problem with getting up at 6:30am every day is your body clock gets used to waking at that time of the day. Every day. Including Sundays. So wide awake, I grabbed my phone and decided to take a deeper dive into zen meditation, with the idea that if I would try to look for additional pearls of wisdom to help me (postures, poses, mudras etc), rather than getting up and doing my daily meds.

I’m a big fan of wiki, but until Sunday morning was not aware of such a thing called WkikHow, which based on the subject entered, gives you the low down on how to do stuff. I found loads of cool stuff and learned of a few tricks that I would look to adopt during my next morning ritual. Here for my future reference (and others should anyone read this post) are links to such cool stuff:

Sated with new nuggets, up I got prepared breakfast and waited for the other to rise. The wife and I went shopping for some provisions for Sunday roast, but before we got out of the car she talked a while, stating that she was seeing some of my old ways creeping back in, with me being really short with her, biting. My initial reaction was of complete shock. Since my Level Two started and my new early morning ritual had began, I’ve felt that start of the feelings I had last summer. She advised that for work purposes and internal stress levels that was fine, but externally I was submitting a negative vibe. Granted there had been a few instances where I had reacted over the last few weeks, but I was simply not aware. I listened to what she had to say and took it on board as something I would look at immediately. I think I understand women to some extent, I also know that certain lunar cycles also have their impacts, but if I was sending out bad karma, I would look to cease that immediately.

After shopping we both took the dog for a walk and I was quite quiet, reflecting an what was said earlier. I like constructive criticism, I don’t like it when people bottle things up or don’t say anything, it’s a recipe for disaster further down the line. The good thing we have now is communication. Connection. We have the ability now to present things in a logical and rational way now, whereas before we did not. Everything I am doing under the bracket of “hippyness” has to be internal and external. There’s no point in having inner peace and a oneness with the universe if to others you are a complete and utter ****.

The inlaws came around for a the Sunday roast, and a fine British Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding and peppercorn gravy it was too…

Retiring for the evening, I again decided not to do my meds, instead finding solace under the sheets.

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