Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 16

So my plan to hydrate myself paid off, almost. Last night was a good one, even if a little quieter than I had predicted. With a belly still full of Malaysian munchies, I decided rather wisely to skip the “all-you-can-eat” breakfast buffet at the hotel. Malaysian food is nice, but totally calorific, hence the reason I put on over a stone during the first three months I landed in the East.

I was feeling a little rough from the four beers plus one pint of cider the night before, probably down to the fact I had not drank for four weeks. The morning workshop flew by and soon it was time to get busy on a gourmet burger and fries, soaking up the last remnants of C8H8O3. After lunch it was time to pen “Ns ”leaving email, customary for line managers to do, but as that was no longer my role but I had been managing/mentoring her for the last eighteen months anyway, I though what the hell so I did it, much to the annoyance of the present incumbant. It was well met by our colleagues and tearfully “N” too, as was her leaving speech was also very heart-felt and touching. As everything she owned was now on a ship heading for the east coast of America, we decided to get her Amazon vouchers so she could buy herself something nice when she gets to Seattle (Soundgarden back catalogue or Singles DVD perhaps)…

As I wasn’t down in London for a time, it was time to say goodbye to “N”. It’s been great to know her and nurture her for the last three years and I’m almost certain our paths will cross again at some point. Before leaving I gave her a gift wrapped book, the “Reiki Bible for Beginners”. I told her not to open it in front of the others as they would not understand it’s meaning and she didn’t. It led to them all saying that I was distributing hard core pornography in the work place. As it I’d do that. Again…

It was a rather solemn tube journey over to Euston, tired after the late-ish night and the two day workshop. One thing that time would allow for during the 200 mile journey north was the issue last night, was time for reflection. And on reflection, the wife was totally right. Our son who is a very talented and promising young actor considering his age, but is taking us both for a ride in terms of demands and attitude. My mental notebook was making an ever-growing list of the things I was going to say to him when I got home, fully aware that the angry dad routine simply was going to work on hormonal teenage angst.

As I approached the end of my journey and end of my day, it was already past bedtime o’clock so our little chat would have to come another day.

Sadly no time for an evening meds session, but I would have been surprised if there had have been, given the hecticness of the last forty-eight hours, sleep being preferred as my modus operandi tonight…

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