Reiki Diary Level 2 Cleansing: Day 17

The universe and all of its infinite and unknown mystery can be experienced during moments of abject calmness. Listen carefully and you can hear the faint and low hum of energy. Feel carefully and you can experience the pulsing and throbbing of energy. All of this is free, free to all who are willing to spend just a few minutes each day out of their busy schedule to meditate, to contemplate.

Today heralded the return of my morning meds, a not-so welcomed break from a 2 day half-lotus ritual, as the sun climbed its way over the hill of New Brighton, as the zombies start to make their way onto the train platform nearby. I am starting to like my methodical approach to the day, noting with interest that on the days that I do not do my meds in the morning, there appears to be a difference, sometimes minor, sometimes quite significant, mostly negative. Thankfully over the last almost three weeks, meds has taken president over my previous morning ritual which is to stay in bed for as long as humanly possible without having to tear-arse up the hill to drop the little one off at school.

So with meds out of the way and feeling almost back to normal after my trip way, it was sadly “back to work we go” for most of the morning, broken up by a decaffeinated Starbucks coffee down by the beach, the sun blazing down giving it all it could during the first real days of Spring.

Whilst sat happily supping ours brews, perched on our favourite people-watching stools (not people watching stools, that would be disgusting), we discussed yoga and the cost of me having both a gym pass and a yoga pass. Now that my mind body and soul has told me that I am not taking part in a triathlon this year, the need for my gym pass has lessened greatly but I do enjoy going for a Tuesday swim with the dad-in-law and getting a sweat on with the significant other as often as we can (which has not been that often recently). We came to the conclusion that if I missed yoga so much, and my dodgy knee was up for it, then I should go back and restart where I left it four months ago (if there was space for me of course). I miss it a lot, and my back twinges have returned ever so slightly so it would be a welcome return.

So after agreeing that we had the finances to do it (on the basis that I rarely go out socialising these days due to my clean living) then the monies saved could go towards my yoga ticket. Hurrah!

As the clock tick-tocked its way towards the end of the school day, so did the preparations for the chat with my son, going over the mental notes I had taken on the late train. Literally as he was walking through the front door, the sexy female voice on my iPhone alerted to me that “I had mail”, and in slow motion I stepped towards him with feet motion like Armstrong/Aldrin whilst reading the note from the casting agency advising that despite stiff competition, “L” had been selected to join the ranks of one of the top twenty casting agencies in the UK. I guess my face looked to him like Harvey Dent (Johhny Two Faces from Batman), one side grimacing the other smiling.

So we had the stern chat and the congratulations chat all in one, with him on the strict instructions that if he didn’t toe the line, we would unequivocally withdraw his application. He also told his drama director later on who was also very happy that he had made it in, kudos for the performing arts school if he gets seen on TV at some point soon.

All in all, a good day. Retiring, I looked at the weather reports five day forecast, with one eye firmly on the graphic for Tuesday, the last day of my reiki cleansing period, the day I face myself from the past head on…

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