Dream Diary: Day 1

DATE: 13th April 2014
TIME: 8 Hours 36 Mins

RECALL ONE: On an Eastern promise

I am once again living in Malaysia, spending time with a female colleague “J”. During my first time over there, we spend a lot of hours together, both inside work and outside (lunch, team events etc). My wife is suspicious for some reason that I am having an affair with her which I am not.

All of a sudden we are in a gondola, I have a suit on and she has the same wedding dress that my wife has for our up and coming vow renewal. As we talk in the boat, a picture of the two of us is displayed on a digital billboard (akin to those seen in Blade Runner) and my wife puts two and two together and thinks we are having an affair (which I subsequently tell her we are not). Unconvinced, we pack everything up and board the plane back to the UK, destined to go our separate ways when we get back. The flight is delayed for some reason, and I also meet another colleague in the airport (who I really don’t get on with) who is getting on the same flight as us. As we take off, we see a storm ahead, as the captain relays the message over the speaker that we are going to have to find an alternate route around the storm. As the plane is starting to get thrown around in the sky, my vision fades and the dream ends.

Dream Signs: Digital Billboard (Form); Colleague at airport (Context); Storm (Action)

(NOTE: Interestingly, at the time of the dream, my Sleep Talk app recorded my voice saying “Help…… Falling….. Head…… Ta…”)

RECALL TWO: Health and Safety in St Helens

I am in St Helens (a town just outside of Liverpool) and I’m attending a Health & Safety course. St Helens looks strange, instead of it being an urban area, it is more of a forested area, and the course is located in a lodge right in the centre. I see “E” and “A”, former colleagues who are also attending. We break off into syndicates and discuss various topics. All of a sudden three dark men enter the room and start threatening me, my vision fades and the dream ends.

Dream Signs: St Helens Forest (Context/Form)

HYPNOGOGIA: In between Recall One and Recall Two

After Recall One, I woke up and reached over to my bedside table to grab my notepad and pen. Half awake, half asleep, I scribbled some notes down on the dream I had just had, following which I placed the notepad and pen back in its night-time resting place and lay there in bed eyes open for a few seconds. It was then that I noticed something odd. My mind appeared to be both conscious and unconscious at the same time. I remember recalling the dream, but also had “memories” of what came next in the dream (“future echoes”), like I had already experienced the reality of the scenario when obviously I had not because the scenario was created by my subconscious. These future echoes were as real as any other event that I have had in this reality, it was as if my conscious and subconscious were have a fight for priority. Eventually I drifted back off to sleep and went into (at some point) Recall Two.

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