Sometimes letting go is the only way…

I came across this image the other day on Facebook. The circles that I mix in, I see a lot of these, but it was this one that really struck a chord.


Letting go of friends and acquaintances, sad that it is, is a relatively quick process in terms of delivery and recovery. The harder path is family. There is an expectation on all of us that we must continue even the most toxic of relationships as we are duty bound, bonded by blood to our family tree both up, down and sideways.

But like a diseased tree, the rot spreads out and starts to infect other parts, leaving the branches, trunk and lifeless eventually. Our priority is to protect our part of the tree, our stems, our offshoots. If it means that we have to order a tree doctor to chainsaw off the parts which are infecting others, then although sad, the healthy part of the tree continues to live on and regenerate, leaving only minor, indifferent scars of the past, in time.

The doctor has been, the duty done, and my offshoots are starting to bloom once again…

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