British Biased Corporation ?

There has of late (and in my opinion), been a great deal of biased reporting in support (almost on behalf) of the establishment that rules over our green and pleasant land. I’ve never been under any illusion that the British Broadcasting Corporation was impartial, but as a news, sports and entertainment source it was always my de facto medium choice. That was until recently, when I decided to divorce myself from “her” completely (being “Auntie” the BBC must be female).

I have since uninstalled the various BBC apps on my mobile devices in my personal quest for impartiality. My switch coincided with an article I had read in The Independent around two months back regarding the situation in Gaza, as down the line one could get in the local newspaper shop on a Saturday morning I thought. And it was at this point I switched my online feeds to The Independent, Reuters, Huffington Post and Al Jazeera, as well as subscribing to Russell Brand’s “The Trews” which is both entertaining and entertaining.

More recently I have gone on to uninstall Reuters and Huffington Post as there appeared to be a growing sense of sensationalism, the reporting of un-newsworthy articles and a general feeling of bias which wasn’t what I thought the raison d’etre of such organisations to be. So that left me with just The Independent and Al Jazeera.

In a recent episode of The Trews, Russell was shocked to discover that both The Independent and Huffington Post launched a polemic, a diatribe against him and his views regarding issue in Iraq, wrongly accusing him of blaming “everyone” in the West for causing the current predicament in the Middle East which he clearly didn’t if you follow him. So the uninstalling of The Independent app followed, leaving me with little old Al Jazeera and the post-modern bearded bard himself.


Weeks passed and the debate and focus duly changed to Scottish Independence. I was made aware that the BBC was televising a live debate between the Yes and No campaigns, the entire audience being made up of sixteen and seventeen year olds. Keen on seeing the response of the young voters I tuned in to watch, and very interesting it was too, and I was great to see tuned-in kids very keen on the outcome (on the face of it) of the vote later this week.

And it was on that day that several feeds started to appear on Facebook. My wife has friends who live in Scotland whose children attended the debate in Glasgow, and to my utter disgust I learned from them that the majority of the kids who attended were in the Yes camp, and the BBC subsequently took it upon themselves to try and even up the score by trying to coerce children to jeer the Yes campaigners, and act out pro-No noises when appropriate. Allegedly even members of the production team were in on it too, raising the pro-No sound levels unfairly.

Then there was the huge NHS demonstration in London. A complete and utter media black-out on the BBC by all accounts, no indication that anything significant had taken place, again fed through my Facebook feed.

Over the last few days I have been flicking between Al Jazeera and the BBC just to see the difference and the difference is massive. A special report yesterday on Al Jazeera took us to a roving reporter who gave an excellent snapshot of the true situation as it stands in Scotland, the history behind its inclusion in the union, what may or may not happen if the vote goes one way or the other, interviews with both Yes and No voters and no leaning to any one side. Impartiality if ever there was.

I then turned over to the BBC to see the complete opposite. The opening graphic on their special report said it all for me. A group of people were all holding flags, a room full of No flags surrounding one person with a Yes flag. Bullying if ever there was.

Then there was the reporting the concessions Westminster had agreed to give Scotland should there be a successful No vote, concessions which would never have come if the percentile differences still showed 15% in favour of the No’s. Bribery if ever there was.

Then there was the travelling roadshow, all three main party leaders doing their upmost to put pressure on the people of Scotland not to leave the UK and to stay with Westminster as their HQ, none of them could be bothered getting involved before the polls indicated otherwise, and that they would have to get their comfortable asses out of seat 300 miles nearer to the equator. Desperation if ever there was.

And finally, then there was the corporation’s response. The BBC report stated that the banks would migrate south of the border (leaving out that all operations would remain in Scotland thus not affecting jobs) and from the food corporations who stated that prices would go up in most of the major supermarket chains (leaving out the response from Morrison’s which was words to the effect of “don’t be ridiculous”). Bias if ever there was.

I’d had enough at that point and went to take the dog for a walk and claim the first conkers of the autumn from the local Horse Chestnut trees with my son, but what was clear to me was that the BBC was biased and will likely remain biased (and Sky for that matter), aligned far too closely with Westminster and I still have to pay for the privilege of paying a licence fee to them even though I don’t intend using their services in the future.

Although it’s plainly obvious to me, I just hope that the Scottish people who watch and use the BCC realise and underhand the tactics that are going on at present, and don’t  believe everything that the BBC are peddling just now.

I remembered a line from The Young Ones back in the 80’s that came out of an old transistor radio on the table of the four would be students, which went something along the lines of “This independent and impartial programme was brought to you by the BBC on behalf of The Conservative Party”. So here we are thirty years later and nothing has changed…

You only need a UK TV licence if you stream live schedule content (via any device). If you only use Netflix and On Demand apps (like I do) then you don’t need one. So disconnect your Freeview/Sky box, fire your content through your SMART TV via the apps and save yourself £149.50 per year.

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