Facebook is killing us, literally…

Yesterday I mourned the passing of a friend and with that I deleted my Facebook account.

I have heard the many pro’s and con’s of Facebook over the years but the time finally came for me to terminate my account with immediate effect.

I was an early adopter of Facebook which served a valuable purpose whilst living overseas as it was a more effective tool than my Windows Live page as more and more people where gravitating towards it.

The more effective a thing is, the more it becomes engrained in to daily life and so it was with me. Amusing status updates, amusing photos and videos, checking into far flung exotic places, gratifying the ever expanding self-inflated ego and persona of Mikey Beee. The amount of time I was spending on Facebook grew exponentially until such time as it consumed most of my free time when that time could have been better spent elsewhere.

I came to the realisation of what Facebook truly was about 9 months ago and stopped posting to my wall, which diminished my former tidal wave of logins to a tributary trickle.

Humans have spent over 10,000 years learning how to communicate effectively with each other, only now does it seem to be overtaken by the use of tools like Facebook where one relies on status updates to see and to know what is going on in the lives of others.

This is not the case. Far from it. What appears on one News Feed is often not the truth. To see or to believe is one thing, to know is something completely different. Only through direct experience can one truly know anything. Not that my friends death was a direct result Facebook, but her postings and updates have painted a completely different picture of what her true position was, that of complete despair and ultimately the cessation of her life and our friendship.

I know people will continue to use Facbook after I’m long gone, but I would urge people to consider and moderately use Facebook for what it is and truly understand what it is not. It is not and should never replace the connections we should have with each other.

So farewell to my friend “D”, be at peace for now and forever more. My family will remember our time in Egypt fondly as well as the times we met up in the UK. Your death has lessons for us all…

2 thoughts on “Facebook is killing us, literally…

  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend, it is at times like this we take a breathe to realise what is truly important and real. I’m with you in this and more and more have been thinking about disconnecting from the social media King of kings. However, I have been pulled back recently with my new gadgety iPhone 6+ plus. Alas, certain material things still have me… I’m working on it. I must read your posts more often, we are kin. Stay well brother aaaaarrrrroooooo!!!!!


    • Cheers buddy. I guess I feel a small twinge of hypocrisy posting to a blog (is WordPress a “thinking mans Facebook”?), but I use this blog site as a catalogue of my own thoughts, ideals and a diary of events to see where I have been and which direction I’m heading (hopefully the right one).

      There is a certain catharsis in blog writing and it’s certainly not akin to a status update for keeping in touch with folks, not for me at least.

      I think we share a common goal in having our family as our primary purpose in life. A friend of mine said it perfectly a few months back in terms of a river. There is a huge rock in the middle and he went around it his way (through the church) and I went round the other way (noetics / new age science) and at some point we will meet on the other side, quite literally as we are both going to the same place.

      I have stated to read a lot more these days and my head was turned when I read Steve Hagen’s Buddhism: Plain and Simple. I don’t think I’ll ever shave my head and wear an orange robe, but understanding the central Buddhist themes and applying them to modern day Western world really does help to put things into perspective.

      I have tried to divorce all sense of ego over the last years and I’d like to think I have done that to some extent without coming across as a self-righteous eejot.

      I’m better for it, less materialistic and calmer as a result. With the mind, body and souls in harmony, you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

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