Power to the People…

The son of my wife’s classmate took on the British government and won this week. He argued that gyms should not be closed on the basis that their very existence is to promote the physical health and mental well being of its members, whilst taking every single precaution and measure the government asked of owners across the land.

Slapped with £1000 per day fines by the local constabulary yet undeterred, he stayed open anyway and took to social media, whipping up a global frenzy (story being run by CNN and the New York Post) by using statistics and logic against the UK government and following the science which the Torys have ceased to do. Only 78 positive Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in an estimated in 22 million gym visits in the UK this year.

Another massive u-turn by the wholly inept establishment, proving once again that the power of the people is stronger than the people in power.

Well done Nick, a working class hero is something to be!

6 thoughts on “Power to the People…

  1. I do think that any establishment or government is inept. We are inept as a society and, usually, as individuals. Shit happens and it can’t always be put right. Decisions have to be made and they will often be wrong. We are just people struggling through and “unjust” and perhaps uncaring universe. Perhaps we all ought to unite. To put our differences aside. To cease to think in terms of Tory or Labour and to abandon the damaging and unconstructive two party system. We need unity and reform. Equality and plenty for all in a world that can surely provide it had we the will to make it so.


  2. No wonder you are planning to go off grid. Well, if such great evil comes to pass there is little you or I can do about it. If the whole of humanity just vanished I can not think the universe would miss us. What a terrifying article.


    • Indeed, off-grid or on-grid unless you are in the inner circle you’re fucked.

      I think at present it’s just something to be mindful of and hopefully such things won’t come to pass.

      And if life is just, a simulation then we have just entered the dystopia level, and as with all computer games there is always an end of level baddie (Boris?) who can be defeated 🙂

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      • Yeah! I’ve clicked a few other links from the mother-site and it’s all very David Icke, one post said it was a cosmic plan and that aliens who have been monitoring our planets actions since the nuclear bombs in the 1940’s and the advent of Roswell type incidents.

        And yes a lot of this stuff seems to have political alignments too.

        Impossible to know what’s real and fake these days, no replacement for personal validation with our own eyes and ears (first hand perception).

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