Existential Epiphany…

Two weeks away from the organisation I work for has given me the opportunity for some serious contemplation time. Clearly I’ve always known that their bottom line is to make as much money as possible and provide its shareholders with the highest dividend-related pay-outs in accordance to the current market conditions. As time goes on however, its raison d’etre is becoming a bitter taste in the mouth, cleansed only by a glass of sulphate-free natural wine.

Maybe it’s because I am moving quite swiftly towards a new and more ecological path nowadays, that as each day passes, my attachment to the organisation becomes more meaningless, more pointless.

And as each day passes, more and more synchronicities are occurring giving me hints that I need to move on, almost like an esoteric and invisible elbow is nudging me in the ribs and towards the door. An unusual cloud formation, a lyric in a rock song, a conversation with a stranger are all pointing my compass needle away from its current direction.

Founding Fathers (and Mother) of Neo-Liberalism…

During the last few months, days and weeks, I have also come to the realisation that democracy is truly dead, globally, not just in the UK. I’m not well-read on the matter, but my current understanding is that the catalyst for our current state is the advent of neo-liberalism, defined by Wiki as the following:

“Neoliberalism or neo-liberalism is the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with economic liberalism and free-market capitalism. It is generally associated with policies of economic liberalization, including privatization, deregulation, globalization, free trade, austerity and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy and society”.

Naturally, perhaps, this led me to the door of Noam Chomsky, a name I had heard from in the past but hadn’t really had the opportunity to dive deeper.

Noam knows the score…

From what I have read and watched thus far, the neo-liberalist slippery slope began in the US in the 80’s, which moved society away from democratically elected constructs and nationalised industries and towards unelected big business calling the shots, all of which was introduced by Ronald Regan and Milton Friedman, with Margaret Thatcher (my anathema) as their evil and twisted counterpart on the other side of the pond.

It all starts to make sense to me now. The power that the current elite billionaires yield is so much more than that of governments, and just a quick glance at the pitiful corporation taxes companies like Amazon and Facebook pay globally effectively means it is they, the unelected upper echelons of society that are controlling the system, not elected officials who allegedly represent the greater good of the people.

Then we have the current batch of Tories, who have abused their elected powers for total cronyism, handing out billion pound contracts to their party funders, no doubt increasing their own personal wealth in the process.

So here we have a situation where the world is effectively run by big business, underpinned by corrupt governments, neither of which have the health and wealth of the people at heart, only personal wealth and power over others.

So knowing that no one has our back and there are no real alternatives out there at present, what real choices do we have. It is difficult, but we do have choices, and I have started to make those choices.

Humans only need five basic things to survive, clean air, clean water, food, shelter and sleep. The air where I live is free (at the moment!) and clean, the water I have to pay for (which I can’t really avoid just now) and includes various chemicals all of which I filter out before consumption, most of the food is sourced from local farms, butchers and dairies, my house is well-kept (although I am still mortgaged to big business which I hope to pay off as soon as I can) and I sleep well (all things considered).

Anything beyond the basics falls under comfortable living, but non-essential to sustain life. We have clearly evolved over the last few thousand years to do more than just exist, to have fun and enjoy the time we have here, advancing the species in the process. Sadly, not many of us have enjoyed the last eighteen months for the obvious reason, but for me and some of my new friends, we have come to the realisation that we can make a break for it, and leave the chaotic world behind.

That all starts with a reversion back to tribes. Our new cooperative is starting small, but is already bringing together strangers as friends, all with a common middle digit erected to the UK government and big business. Not only will our collective produce organic food for group consumption, it will act as an experiment to counter neo-liberalism. Clearly our collective aims are the same, but I guess we are all at various stages of enlightenment (socio-economic enlightenment as opposed to spiritual enlightenment), but I think as one “micro-movement”, we can look to the implementation of a different lifestyle, one not beholden to power-wielding constructs.

Naturally, this existential epiphany is leading me to conclude that an exit from my current organisation will happen sooner rather than later, I don’t think I can wait until my retirement in five years, my tenure is really is starting to grate on me too much.

Wish me and the wider cooperative luck…

8 thoughts on “Existential Epiphany…

  1. (socio-economic enlightenment as opposed to spiritual enlightenment)
    My suspicion would be that the two are intricately and inextricably mixed. I certainly feel that I have travelled both paths simultaneously and have come to feel much the same as you as to the way the world is currently governed.

    I am wholeheartedly in favour of science and that is the only thing I would add to your thoughts. I agree on opting out and I have largely done so, although I always labour under fear – of almost everything. Its a rough world and being human is not a very pleasant condition.

    My belief is that eventually science may do away with fear and provide an environment where we can manipulate the forces of nature rather that be manipulated by them.

    I wonder if we could have science without big business and corruption? I don’t see why not. I am baffled that society always has to be driven by fear and greed. And corruption.

    Anyway, I know just how you feel. Were it possible to go somewhere else – some other planet or civilization where they had all this “right” I would not hesitate to pack my bags and go.

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    • I would tend to agree, those that are spiritually aware have a better understanding how the immaterial and material universe works, so suspect the vast majority of the spiritually enlightened know what’s going on in society today, the real truth.

      Big business is behind big science so I can’t see a realistic break away from what we see right now (especially with the dollar value behind Covid contracts), and there is no room for noetic theories as these are seen purely as woo woo in the eyes of the vast majority of scientists, which is why science shys away from the “hard problem” of consciousness.

      In my opinion, there is much more value in the science of inner space than outer space, but that takes ego eradication and people are not conditioned or educated to think for themselves, programmed to conform to the will of the government and big business, so it’s very difficult to break free of societal shackles when the odds really are stacked against real free will.

      Chomsky’s quote on the post says it all for for me. “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know”.

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  2. “Chomsky’s quote”
    I don’t think most people think too hard. Many simply have their nose to the grindstone eeking out a meagre living in a world owned by the energetic and greedy. Others perhaps want to become a capitalist success themselves and spend their lives climbing various ladders.

    It is insanity that a few small clumps of sentient matter (the 1%) have been allowed by the rest of us to own the world and the physical resources around us. The dominant minority of the dominant species on this planet live like kings. Many of the rest live like pigs in rotting tower blocks or mud huts. The rest muddle along little better than (wage) slaves; if they are lucky.

    Perhaps you are right about concentrating on “inner science”. Certainly at my age I have little energy or enthusiasm for much else.

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    • Not sure whether you have seen Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, the third and final part of a real good series on the problems we’ve outlined here and how there may eventually end a logical end to it all (outside of an ELE). Free on YouTube…

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      • I’ve been watching the progress (or lack of sadly) of The Venus Project, brain-child of Jacque Fresco. Here we have a true vision of what the future could look like, a construct of high technology, driven by real science to automate and advance a fully functional society, free from the commodity and financial based system that surrounds us today. Such a resource-based economy would free us from the pull of greed and personal wealth, and instead lead us into a new age of togetherness, of oneness.


        Utopia, whether it’s achievable or not.

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      • Yes. I have seen the Venus project. I was blown away by it. On a smaller scale we have a branch of the Bruderhof round the corner. Stuff the religious nonsence but other than that they are admirable. A self sufficient, kind, decent bunch of honest people.

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  3. Interesting that you wrote this and it came up on my list of followed blogs (yes I follow you!) because I just secured rights to publish an article written by U.K. investigative journalist Lindsay Jenkins who wrote an article about the history of the EU and how it was formed and what it has been up to for ages as a way to weaken the power of countries. This was an effort led by a cartel of large industrial businesses in the earlier part of the last century. I find the study fascinating in that it helps to make clear how the powerful get more power and money and control over us, the great unwashed. The only antidote to all of this is sunshine since so much is done behind closed doors. You might want to take a look—it is an older article but it helps to explain why Brexit became a necessity for Brits (as messy as it has gotten to be) and it was also written before Brexit was even a thing. I’d like to think that Lindsay’s efforts helped to push the U.K. into this position. The EU will not make it easy for Britain in order to make any other member state (or country) to think it might want to do the same as Britain did. So I ready your piece with a great deal of interest and curiosity over how well placed it was for the order of the day on my end. Cheers!

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