Who owns the world…

Who owns the world? Who runs the world? Is there really an agenda behind COVID? Are we heading towards a New World Order? Are these questions posed by a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy merchant?

I’d like to think your answer to the last question is no and like me, you are also truth seekers. And that’s the real hard part isn’t it, just what is real truth?

“There is truth and there is untruth”. The real truth lies somewhere in the middle of all of this chaos today, but the real real truth lies locked away, difficult, almost impossible to find.

I came across this documentary yesterday by Tim Gielen, which reveals how a small group of super rich individuals have been buying virtually everything on the planet, all from behind investment companies like Vanguard and Black Rock.

Whilst one could question the motives behind such documentaries and who publishes them (Zeitgeist – The Movies being another), what they provide is a window into an alternative view that you simply will not find in MSM (Main Stream Media). This visual missive suggests why that is. It also allows the viewer to look into who owns companies, who knew that Yahoo Finance website could uncover so much truth. Who knew that the Ofcom in the UK effectively owns the BBC and the not only is the head of Ofcom the Prime Minister, but the government install the board of BBC directors.

As Matrix Resurrections hits the silver screen in the UK, it’s time, like Neo, to follow the white rabbit…


7 thoughts on “Who owns the world…

  1. The Monopoly movie is well done and concise in its presentation. It’s a mind-bender for first time viewers. Yet it is the beginning of understanding that all is not what it seems. Put another way, what the general public sees is only a small part of what goes on behind the scenes. Monopoly throws the curtain aside and shows us more than the average person ever knew. This may be surprising news and even unsettling yet the information offers us an opportunity to circumvent even these gargantuan corporations and investment companies. How? Well, being more independent and self-sufficient it a good start.

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  2. I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories since they always seem to suggest or impute some sort of super beings or super minds controlling everything behind the scenes. I don’t think “behind the scenes” is necessary. It is happening in plain view. The huge influence of the FANGS and the super rich is there for all to see as is the way politicians can and are bought by business people. My thoughts turn to the way of the world when driving. The sheer piggish aggression says it all: the majority of humans are determined to get it all their own way and this percolates throughout society. I think it is simple enough: at heart we are all scared for our own survival. At heart many of us suffer from existential anxiety whether we know it or not. The Pigs don’t really bother to think why they feel or act as they do: they just smash and grab. The rest of us may not have the energy or the desire to smash and grab and we recognize, more forcibly every day, that human behaviour is evil and self serving and needs to change. Change will not happen unless we alter our very genome, our DNA. And of course eradicate fear, poverty and physical deprivation. Perhaps that will happen. If it does not, hopefully we will blow ourselves up and rid the universe of a spreading and thoroughly unpleasant curse. I think I am becoming an anti natalist.

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    • It is difficult to think of a scenario at present where the end goal of peace, love and harmony exists for all. The greedy and the power seem intent (from what I have seen over the past few years) on developing capitalist communism on a global scale. It is also difficult to start the process of living/existing outside mainstream society and the malign mechanics within, when so much is against the proles and their communities.

      It is bleak, would make a great book, oh wait… 😀


  3. This monopoly movie has so much truth in it, so much so that it would shock many people. And it’s not so much the money these billionaires want (they already have plenty of that) it’s to have power over everyone and to get that rush of being able to tell the people what to do. What they want is authority! The sooner we wake up and civilly disobey them, the better!

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    • It’s interesting that the vast of “conspiracy theories” of last year have now come to pass. Whilst it’s very easy to say to folks “I told you so”, there are still so many folks out there (outside the elites) that know this but instead choose ignorance or lethargy, the blue pill if you will.

      Next year will be interesting, to see how many more conspiracy theories become fact, and to see if civil disobedience and new operating models take off.

      Let’s hope so 😀

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      • I totally agree. It’s called confirmation bias- when people hear or see the truth but instead, reject it and look for evidence that supports their beliefs. There’s so much of that going around these days and it’s sad.

        I hope that more people will wake up and join us in civil disobedience. Because CD is the only way we’re going to get our freedoms back.

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