BioHack: Tracking…

As mentioned in my previous post, having access to our biological data is one thing, understanding it and tracking it is another.

With the advent of wearables (Apple Watch), bio-lab start ups like Forth (no not those bio-labs!) and the continued National Health Service checks (free upon request), accurate data on how our body is performing is available and relatively inexpensive.

It must also be said that once we have baselined our biology, we should not of course concern ourselves to often once any plans to remediate ailments are initiated, unless of course we are elite athletes or personal trainers, as too much attention may lead to a little paranoia and anxiety, certainly possible in my case!

To that end, I spend some time reviewing my Apple Watch data yesterday and also the results that came in from my NHS MOT the week before last, and went a step further to do a full body scan of the things that pain this man of five decades.

By and large the Apple Watch data is very useful:

Given my state of advancement in years, I’m quite happy with the data.

Clearly only we (or medically trained professionals) can know what pains and grumbles are taking place within the body, and only some of the data from devices and tests can reveal those (physical maladies and manifestations based on cause and effect), so to get a true bio-hacking baseline, I took it upon myself (validated by the wife who is a holistic therapy professional) to engineer a full set of diagnostics and advisories (the car MOT analogy really fits well here), the output of which is below:

So once the results come back from Forth and the NHS scans, I should be able to baseline my biology and put in place (in true project management parlance) a “return to green” plan to fix all of the issues I have, and identify any risks that may occur so I can put in place mitigation plans to, as Wim Hof would say, live a happy, strong and health life.

2 thoughts on “BioHack: Tracking…

  1. Welcome back! Turning inward is about all one can do to avoid being affected in an adverse manner by the world around us. And I imagine that physical and mental health are intricately linked. I guess in my own case my physical body is more of less OK given my advanced age (65) and so I tend to look for remedies for my possibly non-existent soul! It will amuse you to hear that I have spent much time recently looking at the health benefits of medical cannabis an even contacted a legal clinic in London. When I asked them for some research for the benefits of cannabis in improving mood there was a deathly silence. When I prowled the internet, the research was very contradictory and unconvincing.

    But then I came a cross a wonderful old black guy in a shop full of esoterica in Putney. He saw the world in 5 dimensions he told me, thanks to the occasional bout of pure THC. He had achieved awakening, he said.

    Somehow it was like meeting a mage, a wise man, a wonderful old magician. His smiling, wrinkled old face shone with goodness and kindness. Perhaps the world is not all terrible after all.

    Perhaps I had better sign up with that clinic for some legal THC!

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